4 Challenges Facing Recruiters In 2021 And How To Overcome them

4 Challenges Facing Recruiters In 2021 And How To Overcome Them

In the short period of time that we have observed the covid-19 spread in every country and led to the global pandemic, a lot has really happened and changed in the way people work and how hiring is conducted. Employees have been forced to work from home in a very new environment that does not support concentration, they are forced to learn new skills within a very short duration like the use of machines so that work can resume.

On the other hand, the human resource personnel is forced to find ways on how to get new employees, communicate to those who are already working from home and set new policies that will support the employees to work efficiently while at home with children and family members without any conflicts.

Hiring has received a fatal blow, the old modus operandi that has been dominating the hiring process has been slashed down, no more one-on-one interviews in the office. Firms are found at crossroads being inquisitive about how to get new employees to work. This has forced organizations to resort to getting advice from recruiters in Dubai on how they can acquire talent within this pandemic.

Four Recruitment Challenges Faced By Most Companies in 2021

The year 2021 has been a continuation of last year’s challenges faced by many companies. Many of them have been left unassured if they will be able to get the right talent within this pandemic as they plan to resume business and others to replace the one who already left job positions. Most firms were used to the traditional systems, but with the pandemic, not anymore, they have to change the way they are hiring and working. The main four challenges faced include;

1. Work-From-Home Employment And Hiring

The new norm is ruthlessly giving no sign of end, while many companies are left with the challenge. The employees can not report to the workplace anymore, and therefore firms are tasked to keep them working from home. A design that firms are getting a migraine in setting up as it has never been there before neither it gave any warning for preparations. Some sectors are having a rise in openings as we slowly head into holidays and peak seasons, while others are on the brink of shutting down.

Companies are surrounded by a mixture of worries whether things will get better or worse, but that is not assured for now and this has led to most of them hiring employees on contracts and minimizing permanent hiring. Most of the firms have been relying on the traditional systems and are currently unable to check the availability of the candidates for an interview, tracking the best talent, and finding the best fit for vacant jobs which can be done with the use of AI tools.

2. Digital or Virtual Screening and Interview-based Assessments

As it has never happened before, the effects of the pandemic have frustrated many companies with the way they operate. Most firms heavily invested and relied on the traditional ways of hiring new employees, the reality is that business must find a new route. The traditional hiring system does not support virtual screening, better decision making, matching candidate’s experience with the job, and candidate assessments that are the only ways to get the best talent to fill vacancies, adapting to these features has posed a great challenge.

Lockdowns and working from home means that companies must institute modest technology methods that will accommodate the current situation and result in successful recruitment services. Acknowledging the lack of insight into conducting successful virtual hiring, firms are left with an obligation to seek help from hr recruitment agencies Dubai have a better understanding of virtual hiring.

3. Frequent Hiring Freeze and Skill Gaps

A freeze hiring can be described as a situation when a company stops hiring new employees to fill the companies new positions, however, the company may continue to hire new for some roles that are considered essential, but nonessential roles normally remain vacated until the freeze ends. The current pandemic scenario, collapsing economy, and with no confirmation about the future. Many companies are switching from hiring spree – the outburst or sudden indulgence of hiring activities – to hiring freeze.

The sudden work from home, declining economy, and the pandemic, hiring freeze has become quite popular, but it has increased a significant percentage in the skills gap. New positions are not being filled meaning the skill is lacking in that company for that vacancy. The employees, therefore, are forced to perform tasks at which they are not good at which adversely affects performance.

4. Seeking Different Skills and Meeting Operational Changes

Firms have it crystal clear that the only way to compete with other businesses during this pandemic, is switching gears to utilizing online tools with or without knowledge on how to. Digitizing most of their operations like customer interaction,transactions and sales is the only remedy to successfully continue in operation.

As many firms are trying to fit in the online marketplace, most of them need to gain knowledge on how to go about the whole process as it is a sudden new system and must be inaugurated. However, if well set up, recruitment processes will be simplified and the HR team can utilize many tools to manage, communicate and allocate work to employees working from home.

Hiring will also be easier as candidate screening and background checks can be automated to ease the workload of selecting the best candidate.

How To Overcome Recruitment Challenges Arising in the Wake of The Pandemic

With a huge hit on many firms about the best way to do recruitment, then suddenly no in-person interviews, however hard it is, businesses must adapt to modern styles if at all they need to continue operating and hiring seamlessly. Few things that any company must check out to overcome the recruitment challenges includes the following;

1. Understand How to Enhance Virtual Hiring Strengths

Virtual hiring is the only and most efficient way firms can get the best employees for new jobs, but with a lack of knowledge on how to utilize artificial intelligence tools, many are stuck from where to start. Recruitment agencies offer extensive knowledge on how a company can set up virtual hiring tools and the processes involved to hire reputable talent from a vast talent pool.

2. Incorporate an Efficient Work-From-Home Strategy

The pandemic has taught companies a new lesson that has never been there before, now employees have to work from home. Facing many challenges, firms have to incorporate strategies like setting policies, restructuring the working timetable, and setting aside help desks that can respond to employee needs. The reason being, work from home does not give a favorable working environment and some employees may need assistance to adapt to new technology, also connecting computers and the internet.

3. Develop a Result-Oriented Reskilling and Upskilling Framework

As companies require the best results from their employees, one thing must be clear, work from home is new and therefore there is a great need to facilitate the employee so they can work efficiently. Some things companies should do include reskilling and upskilling employees on how to manage work without supervision, how to use computers, and submission of work.

4. Leverage Data and Talent Analytics To Identify Right Talent Pools and Hotspots

Hiring a recruitment agency to enlighten your need to leverage data will bring any firm a whole bunch of possibilities. Getting the right talent from the market depends on how much audience you can reach and the channels used like mobile search pages and job application sites. Excellent talent for your opening might be a passive candidate, but unless a firm deploys these tools, they will miss them out.

5. Take Expert Advice to Address Skills Gap Issues

Recruitment agencies are known to provide organizations with some knowledge and skills regarding how to face any challenge that could be arising from work and recruitment. In addition to these, you will also receive training, guidance, and support. As a firm, you ought to seek their advice on matters of recruitment services.

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