5 Common Myths about Hiring in a Post-Covid World

5 Common Myths about Hiring Post Covid World

The pandemic and lockdowns have transformed the recruitment stories across sectors. The ability to make operations digital, manage business processes through remote teams or offer more work-from-home options have led to the introduction of many revisions in work management and hiring practices. At the same time, so many experiments have failed, and companies have faced setbacks. Social media has taken to floating a flux of articles based on rumors that companies are now faced with more myths than truths. Here are the five most common myths busted and suggestions offered to improve recruitment strategy.


Recovering from the global pandemic has become a challenge for the world at large. The regular norms of employment have been altered drastically. Employees and employers alike are struggling due to the adverse effect of the pandemic on their industry sector. Companies are trying to adjust to the new work style while focusing on rebuilding their team and developing strategies to achieve targets and aim towards stability.

After being shut down for months and working remotely, many companies are coming back to increasing their onsite work but find it difficult to retain employees – new and old alike. This is adding to overall confusion and stress in workplaces.

There is so much information shared on social media and all kinds of articles that are based on “on-dits” and rumors that there are more myths and misconceptions generated about hiring in 2021. We have listed five such myths which need to be shattered to have smooth recruitment in 2021 and onwards.

Five Myths about Hiring in a Post Covid World

1. Video Interviews Mislead

Companies willing to adapt to the new recruitment process have started recruitment through video Interviews. Many found that hiring efficiency went down to new lows by employing such methods. Numerous recruiting panels found that a video call does not help them effectively interpret candidate behavior, knowledge, and insights. As a result, many bad hiring decisions were made.

It should be noted that most of the placements happening in the last few years have been through virtual processes. Companies have successfully hired candidates in the past through virtual interviews and assessments.

The problem was not with video call-based interviews but about the way in-house or other recruiters went about it.

Top HR Consultancy in Dubai have helped organizations make quality hiring decisions by leveraging video conferencing and the right virtual interviewing methods. The entire approach changes. There are several tools, applications, and techniques that allow companies to assess with increased accuracy through a video interview and related screening tools.

If you are planning to improve your operational efficiency, making the right hiring decisions matters a lot. Consult with competent HR consultancy service providers to frame the correct approach and hiring strategy.

2. Allowing Remote Working Increases Access to Talent

Many companies across sectors have enhanced their ability to manage entire business processes online and, as a result, have built a strong remote workforce. On the other hand, numerous small and big businesses are struggling to make a success of remote working. They are calling more employees to work in the office, and as a result, there is more attrition than they can manage.

Companies with the ability to offer remote working and work-from-home options feel they are in a position to attract more talent with ease. They have successfully recruited brilliant professionals from across counties or from any corner of the globe, thanks to their ability to offer remote work.

It is one thing to recruit a remote workforce and quite another to retain brilliant talent or find the best match. New hires often leave when they find the right opportunity.

HR consulting firms with expertise in remote hiring will help you understand how to find brilliant candidates that are not going to quit on the first opportunity provided. When you hire with the idea of taking advantage of an adverse situation a professional is facing, there is a strong likelihood of that individual’s leaving your organization as soon as the situation changes. A competent hr consultancy services provider will help you to identify and hire more loyal employees.

3. Increase in Active Job Seekers Translates To Increase in Manpower Availability

Many sectors were badly affected due to the pandemic and the sudden lockdowns. This resulted in employees losing their jobs and employers losing good employees. At present, the market is full of candidates looking for new jobs.

It would, however, be noted that not all who have lost their jobs or had to leave their jobs are willing to work anywhere and for profiles that do not suit them. Employers that are capitalizing on this situation and hiring find a large number of applications for certain positions, but these firms have been unable to retain their hires for a long time. This is because a lot of people opted for short-gap jobs till they find the right opportunities.

Also, getting a large number of applicants does not mean that all have the skills, experience, and expertise you desire. Finding the right talent for all open positions is still as difficult as it was before the pandemic.

Many companies that partnered with hr consultancy services have been able to enrich their workforce without facing eventual troubles. If you are planning to go on a hiring spree, it is wiser to consult with an HR consultancy service provider that can assure you the right outcomes.

4. Better to Pause Permanent Hiring

Like many companies, if you have had to let go of some of the finest talents to maintain financial stability and keep the company running, you might be faced with a serious skill shortage for various roles.

Going for a hiring freeze might have been unavoidable, but it is time to stop blindly following a wait-and-watch game. Many organizations that went on a hiring freeze are now looking to address their talent gap issues that are affecting their business credibility. Instead of permanent roles, most companies are opting for temporary or contract positions. But is that applicable for all roles? How much is such a practice affecting your operations or business performance?

A detailed analysis of your manpower needs per team and a comparison with the team’s monthly performance will give you an idea of specific skill gaps. Based on this analysis, you could also find what kind of positions need to be filled with permanent employees and the impact of going for temporary roles.

5. Wiser to Reject Candidates With Unusual Work History

Many companies have a very rigid structure of hiring candidates and disregard a great candidate just because he or she does not fit their self-developed criteria. For example, some companies consider employees who have taken a mental health benefits package or unplanned leaves as unfit for their company. Such practices are only increasing bias in hiring decisions.

A number of companies that expanded their operations during the pandemic are finding themselves in a niche space where they have an upper edge in the job market. The sheer number of applicants they are getting per role is reinforcing their belief in sticking to conservative candidate screening and hiring practices.

Gaps in employment or unusual work history do not necessarily indicate a weak or unstable employee. The extremely tough and unusual life experiences faced by individuals pushed them to take time off to overcome their high anxiety and stress levels. There were numerous brilliant professionals and great performers who preferred to take care of their families and personal health over burning themselves out. Rejecting such professionals could lead to bad hiring decisions or losing valuable talent.

Role of Recruitment Firms in Post-Covid Scenarios

Recruitment and the strategies and techniques used for enhancing talent acquisition have changed dramatically in the wake of the pandemic. Here are a few ways in which HR consulting firms can make the recruitment process easy.

1. Better Profile Match: When there is a flux of applications, employers find it difficult to identify the correct candidate for a certain position. HR consulting firms are masters in the art of framing the right screening and assessment criteria, identifying the best candidates, and attracting them to engage with client companies.

2. Accessing the Talent Pool: A Top HR Consultancy in Dubai has access to wide and diverse talent pools across geographies in your county, country, or global locations. These agencies are well-equipped with recruiters that have deep local and global hiring insights to harness the talent you need for your company. HR consulting firms with extensive experience in your market or industry could help you develop powerful teams that can dramatically increase your business performance.

3. Helps in Meeting Remote Workers Globally: The pandemic has resulted in many companies breaking their regional recruitment boundaries and reaching out for international talent. But lack of experience in international hiring could be a major deterrent to hiring success. It is worth finding out if the services of an expert HR consultancy services firm could give you significant advantages while optimizing your recruitment efforts and costs.

4. Enhance the Manpower With Less time: HR consulting firms and recruitment companies are known for their speedy recruitment. If you are functioning on a tight schedule, a recruitment company could fulfill your fast recruitment needs with a high level of efficiency and in a hassle-free manner.

5. High Volume Recruitment: No matter the number of candidates, recruitment or HR consulting firms are used to bulk-hiring. They can find the finest of candidates from thousands of applicants. High-volume recruitment is not a problem for HR consulting firms.

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