How to Hire for Vice President and Executive Roles

How To Hire For Vice President And Executive Roles

An important component of a company is its corporate vice president, who bridges the gap between the day-to-day operations of the organization and the broader vision of the board of directors. Find out how to hire a president, vice president and other top leadership members for your company in the UAE.

Different companies have different titles for their employees. So, understanding the roles and hierarchy can be confusing. There are C-suite positions, president, the vice presidents, and other top leadership positions.

If you are searching “how to hire a president or a vice president,” this blog will definitely help you.

Most organizations in the UAE using a modern organization structure will have C-Suite members for the overall management of the company. C-suite members hire a president to head a subsidiary or business unit owned by the parent company. Vice presidents assist presidents in achieving the goals for the business unit or operation under his or her control.

Top C-Suite executive search experts also help you understand how to hire a president or a vice president. Here are 10 key points to consider.

Hiring the Right Professionals For Vice President and Executive Roles

1. Conduct A Detailed Assessment of Your Needs – Identify Your Key Pain Points And Top Goals For Business Growth

In mid to larger companies, the vice president is in charge of managing the overall functioning of the company, implementing new policies, formulating strategies, and meeting with the board of directors regularly to update them. In large companies, there might be a vice president for each department. Such as corporate communications, marketing, finance, and human resources.

In some instances, companies might have multiple positions above and below vice president as well. Such as senior vice president, executive vice president, senior executive vice president, joint vice president, and assistant vice president. Thus, you need to assess your company conditions and requirements to hire a vice president and executives who fit into your company culture.

2. Get a Management Consultation Done – Find Out What Kind Of Leader Could Deliver on Goals And Overcome Challenges For The Position

Management consultation is necessary for companies to evaluate a specific problem and implement solutions. If you are looking for a leader who would work towards business growth, you need to give information on what type of leader you are looking for.

For instance, consider you want a vice president who would work in the sales department. What kind of vice president would you choose? A prospect who has never taken the leadership to lead and deliver the goal in that department or someone who knows your sales and marketing budget and how you prefer to work?

As a leader, he or she should be able to understand the definite strategy to execute a particular task and predict the stage where they could meet a specific goal, leading to business growth. For this purpose, you should consider management consultation for reaching out to the vice presidents who have a mindset of a visionary scholar and construct their plans concerning your benchmarks and execute successfully.

3. Get Market Mapping Done For VP and Top Executive Roles

Market mapping is a valuable positioning tool for recruitment. It is the best way to comprehend what the current business landscape looks like. It assists you in analyzing the competitions and finding potential candidates.

If you are looking for a vice president and executives, focus on that part within the competitors and understand their strategy. When you chart all these analyses, you will get an idea of the prospect you should hire based on your company’s demands to prepare an exceptional talent mapping strategy for attracting talent.

4. Choose The Best Profiles Based on Market Mapping

You might have found a bunch of candidates through market mapping. However, you need to dig deeper into finding the best candidate that fits your company culture from that pool after a quick discussion with your team of directors/chiefs about the preferred ideal candidate.

Based on that discussion, create a pressing job description that states the daily duties, conditions, experiences, and qualifications of the candidate you would like to hire. Later post it on various work-related social network platforms such as LinkedIn and conduct a boolean search if need be. This can pave the way for finding talent with your expected skill sets.

5. Hire A C-Suite Recruitment Agency With Wide Talent Outreach

As an intermediary between employers and professionals, executive headhunters Dubai functions as a boon for both parties because they work with both employers seeking talent and professionals seeking opportunities.

This allows them to be well aware of all the details and operate as a bridge between the two parties. C-suite recruitment becomes seamless this way as they know what sorts of job seekers are looking for, what level of qualification they possess, and what sort of salary expectations people have.

Since they have years of experience in C-suite executive search, they have access to an extensive network and know where to find the right candidates that suit your work culture.

6. Consider Nationwide or International Talent Outreach

Looking out for candidates around the globe and acquiring the top talent will make your organization stand out. People from different regions will have their unique viewpoints, thoughts, and creativity when it comes to planning major aspects that can highly improve the status of your organization and enhance profits and business growth.

On the other hand, when a company puts a job vacancy ad on an international panel with the right way of exposure, it will create a huge impact on your brand as more people get to see it. And finally, recruiting a professional from another nation can help you get an insight into how their market works and their strategies.

7. Finalize A Practical, Insight-Driven Search, Screening and Selection Criteria

The screening and selection process is all about going through the cover letter, resume, and CV in which the recruiter gets to go through the educational background, experiences, qualities, and skills that a candidate possesses. It is vital to peek through these documents to comprehend if the prospect has the skills and experiences that a company finds perfect.

If you are looking for a vice president or any other executives, you should ask yourselves whether they have outstanding executive-level leadership skills, communication skills, knowledge to prepare and implement strategic planning, and so on. If not, you could shortlist the candidates that you feel fit for the company from a group of prospects called out for the screening process.

8. Get The Top 10 Candidates Sourced By The Agency Within A Specific Time Frame

In general, to get the best candidates through sourcing, you could post job ads and descriptions on various social platforms and wait for the one who replies to the offer and analyze how qualified they are by going through their details. But, it is quite time-consuming.

Instead, you could hire a C-suite executive search agency to do the candidate sourcing for you. They are an authorized and experienced bunch of teams that have been recruiting qualified candidates for a very long time. Therefore, by giving a clear description of your company and your ideal candidate, it will be easy for them to gather professional prospects within a specific time frame.

9. Conduct Interviews To Check Practical Knowledge, Vision, Strategic Planning, Industry Experience Specific To Achieving The Position-Based Goals

Strategic decision-makers are integral to every company. Thus, to know how effective they are at their job, offer an interview question that will test their skills. It is also helpful to present a copy of your company’s recent business strategy and let prospects find out if there are major flaws or omissions.

As you will already be aware of the issue present in it, analyzing the prospect’s capability to solve or indicate the exact problem will be convenient to understand. At the end of the interview, you should have an idea whether he or she is likely to get along with their manager and team and if they have mastery in handling duties and schedules.

10. Do Not Forget Background Checks

Background checking is a good option to ensure that you have hired the right candidate for your organization. Because fewer candidates can exaggerate their employment records or schooling while applying for a specific job, if the recruiter fails to notice, it could cost you a fortune by hiring an incompetent individual and seriously harm your companies reputation and business growth entirely.

It is a huge sign of dishonesty and will be putting other employers’ safety in a questionable position. Therefore, doing a bit of background research about the person you want to hire can spare your time and cost.


There can be a variety of roles performed by a corporate vice president, depending on the organization’s structure. For the CEO’s vision to be carried out, the vice president assigns responsibilities, sets up operational roles, and oversees operations. These practices have led to the theory that the president is nothing more than an enforcing officer, whereas the vice president is the one who makes things happen. Thus hiring the right candidate to work in that position can change the view of your business growth.

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