How to Hire Successfully in a Crowded Candidate Market

How to Hire Right Candidate in Market


Recruitment market is transforming at such a high pace. Hiring a talent is not simple as it was before. Simply posting the job on a website or the job board is out of trend now. If you want to fill the position with a talented and reliable candidate, you have to update yourself with the current market, follow the trends of recruitment and understand the needs of talent. You cannot just sit with a chicken and wait till the egg comes when your competitor is running poultry. Here are some successful steps to hire the best, keeping the time period and cost to firm under control.


In the current era, the market is flooded with qualified and experienced professionals. Yet finding the candidate that benefits the company is like finding the needle in a haystack. Recruitment is one of the toughest yet most important processes, directly linked to the growth of the firm.

In the period where the technologies are transforming with such high speed, you can’t rely on the traditional strategies like posting the vacancy and waiting till the quality candidate approaches. As per the survey, it takes 8-12 weeks to hire the candidate who ticks all the skill boxes. Adding to that 20 % of recruiters found that the majority of the candidates failed to justify their role or deliver the best.

If you have vacancies, you want to recruit the quality candidates and save the time, traditional methods are not enough. Even sticking to the recruitment software (though plays an important role) would not lead to beneficial solutions all the time. You need to find ways, keep an eye on competitors and stay updated with the market like the Placement Agency in Dubai does. Here are some tips and tactics which may help you to hire the best that justifies the role.

Process to Hire Successfully in the Crowd of Talents

Lucid Job Description with All Specific Need

Job description is one of the important processes usually taken for granted. It is a reflection of your organization. If it’s too generic, top candidates may not apply. Talented candidates always go through each and every line of job description and if it’s not attractive, you may lose the best candidate.

Framing the description is not limited to writing the roles and responsibilities of the candidate. Apart from these, an attractive description includes expectations of the firm from the candidate, how the position fits the hierarchy, and importance of the post. You should check out the job description given by placement consultants in Dubai.

While writing the job description one must consult the manager or head of the post that needs to be fulfilled, as he/she would be having the best idea about what the firm expects from a candidate at such a position. For depth and specific description, HR may also include the team’s opinions while writing the description. If the description for the vacant post is already available, one should update it and get it checked by the head and team to make it specific and clear.

For writing the specific job description, one must start with a specific and clear title of the job, as generic terms may confuse the candidate, which is for sure not a good sign. Before writing the description, do research and find what others are including in their roles and responsibilities, decide what your firm needs among them. Enumerate the skills required and be specific with each. Don’t forget to include a summary of the post. In the end, showcase Recruitment Firms in Dubai with the vision and development of the company.

Measuring of Talents Need

Every recruiter has his/her own meaning for the term “Talent”. For some recruiters, a talented candidate is one who agrees for the post, for others it may be a period candidate who sticks to position and for others a talented candidate is one who satisfies the manager.

For successful hiring, one should measure High-Potential (HiPo) talent. HiPo Talent includes the employees who are having the potential to grow the organization, capabilities of being a successful leader, earns respect, and have flexibility with reliability. One should also note the candidate’s reaction as a part of the hiring process. To measure such, one should do a survey to check out what worked and what went wrong for the candidate.

Measuring the employee’s engagement and retention is also part of talent metrics, as employees who are not engaged in the work may not show productivity and stick to the post for a long time. Hence for better hiring, the retention and engagement of candidates must be measured. Some of the best placement agencies in Dubai utilize such data for a better hiring process.

Sources from the Reputed Networks

To reach the talented candidates use multiple channels which may include programmatic ads, your networks, social media, hiring events, walk-in, and collaboration with local training programs. Utilize the sources to get a bunch of the interested candidates and choose the best one for the post.

Posting the vacancy on the career page may not be enough for searching for the best talent. You should use reputed networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and many other job boards where you can find a bunch of potential candidates.

Social media is one of the important sources where you can meet potential candidates, so be active and updated on social media. Answer the questions your candidates might have, post the vacancy and programs undergoing, and stay connected with the specific groups of your field. Hiring events may also help to get talented and interested candidates. As such events are focused and specific, where you may find candidates who are interested in the post and firm as well.

Collaborating with local agencies is one of the reputed sources where you can have trained talent. Local agencies may help you to build the pipeline of candidates who are capable and trained, which may help you to fill the vacancy before you post it on social media. Local placement consultants in Dubai have such a system which helps in the recruitment process.

Incorporation of the Latest Trend

Recruitment is a process that requires expertise, business perspective, and skill to search for the best candidate for the position. To perform such a task one has to go with the trends of the current market. It includes organizing walk-ins, e-recruitment, outsourcing, and employee leasing.

In a competitive market finding the talent who is the best in his field and ticks, all the skill boxes is quite difficult. Waiting for such a candidate is not a good option. Instead, you should look around for such a candidate working in another firm, ask him to join with a higher package and better terms. Such a process is called poaching. As it is an unethical way to fill the vacancy, so professionals don’t talk about it much.

One of the trends which is hiking in the recruitment process is outsourcing. The outsourcing firm has a pool of talent according to the company’s needs. They perform an initial screening of the candidates and select the best one. Such a process decreases the time of the recruiter and also helps to get the best one for performing the temporary task of the firm.

Employee leasing is also one of the new trends utilized by the organizations where the employees are sitting far from the company yet performing the same task as the one sitting in a cubicle. The Employee Leasing Organizations plays an important role here, where you can share your requirements and get the screened candidates who suits the job.

Other popular trends include online recruitment or e-recruitment. The system is based on a website which contains the featured job board and CV board. On the job board, you can upload the vacancy and on the CV board you can have the resumes of candidates based on your requirement.

Choosing Right Tool for the Recruitment

In the highly competitive market, it’s challenging for the companies to hire the best talent within a certain time period. Candidate Selection Tool is a digital platform which gathers the information of candidates, their skills, and characteristics through assessments. Such information may help you to shortlist the candidate and make the decisions. Some tools save your time by creating automated workflows which may also make the process smooth for the candidate.

There are tons of advantages for bringing the candidate selection tool on the board. Such tools help you to assess the job. The tool assesses cognitive ability, multitasking skills, cultural acceptance, and many others. Such assessments help for the screening of candidates. It saves lots of time utilized for the recruitment as it takes care of resume collection, screening, and shortlisting.

It is always necessary for the firm to leave a good experience for the candidate even if he/she is not hired. Candidate Selection Tool makes the process of hiring very easy and smooth by continuous communication and process of hiring. Hence in the end even if the candidate is not hired he/she would not have any dark image of the firm. Hence using such tools may help for the successful recruitment process. Placement agency in Dubai utilizes the Candidate Selection Tools for the assessment and screening of candidates.

Why is it better to Get Partnered with Recruitment Firms?

Filling the vacant post costs a lot to the company as it includes the expenses starting from advertisement to interviewing the candidates including to that the opportunity cost of the post remaining open for a long period. Hence getting partnered with the recruitment firms may reduce the direct and indirect stress of the recruitment.

Partnering with the right recruitment firm accelerates the process which saves lots of time for the firm. They have specialization in recruitment which means they understand the needs of the company and have a network of top performers to fill the post in a quantum of time.

With the well-established network, they can line up the candidates as per the skills company has asked for. They can present the screened ones for the specific role, which reduces the load of the company’s recruiter. Partnering reduces the risk of retention as well, as they provide reliable candidates who stay long and benefit the firm.

Sometimes companies have some temporary requirements of the candidates, and finding the candidates for such a short period is one of the major headaches. Recruitment firms, having a wide network, can make it possible. They can manage such candidates in a short time.

Recruitment firms always keep updates of the market. They keep watch on the top talent. They keep eye on market’s demand and top candidates working around. Whenever an opportunity bangs, they approach such highly talented candidates. They communicate with candidates on behalf of the firm and prepare to join.

The diversified role played by recruitment firms in Dubai always benefits the company by accelerating the hiring process, reducing the time of recruitment, presenting screened talents, filling temporary posts, providing reliable candidates, and at the end reducing the financial stress.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

The world of recruitment is transforming at a high pace. In such an era we always keep ourselves up to date with the market requirements. We, Alliance Recruitment Agency, take the partnering company to the next level with our recruitment services. With an established network of talent, Our global manpower agency provides the best and most reliable candidates. Our team screens the candidates as per the requirements framed by the company. By making the process of recruitment easy and streamlined we can present the talented candidates within the provided time period. With the best technologies utilized by our team, we can help you to assess the candidates as per their needs. At the end, we always believe in a win-win situation for both our clients and the talent out there.