How to Recruit Physicians to Hospitals and Clinics in the UAE?

How to Recruit Physicians In The UAE

Recruiting physicians in the UAE has been a hefty task for hospitals and clinics. Planning for physician staffing includes hiring for situations like attrition, expansion, and many more. Find out the best approaches for physician staffing and physical therapist hiring in this blog.

The UAE is the most in-demand nation for doctors as it has prospects for professional growth. Being home to one of the global cities of the world- Dubai, doctors all over the world want to practice medicine in the UAE.

General practitioners and physicians are in demand in the UAE because of the rise in medical and wellness tourism. The number of international residents there has resulted in the rise in the demand for physicians in the hospitals and clinics in the UAE. This is why many UAE-based hospitals and clinics opt for international physician recruiters for hiring physicians.

In this blog, find out some best practices in physician recruitment and physical therapist hiring.

Plan Your Hospital’s Physician Staffing

For your hospital or clinic’s physician staffing, proper planning needs to be done. The planning should be carried out by the management while keeping in mind the needs of the hospital as well as the concerned medical advisory board’s compliances. The following are some steps that may be undertaken during the planning stages for physician staffing.

1) Create a Physician Staffing Talent Pipeline To Manage Attrition

Workforce attrition can be managed properly with the help of a talent pipeline. Having the same number of physicians around the year may be difficult as many may not renew contracts or need to leave due to any reasons.

This is why having a backup is very important. With the help of a recruitment agency, your hospital could have a talent pipeline.

One should keep in mind that a talent pipeline varies from having a talent pool of candidates. When there is a high physician attrition rate, then there are many problems posed in the daily functioning of your hospital or clinic. Create a physician staffing talent pipeline to have an assured flow of temporary help.

2) Create a Physician Staffing Plan When Planning Hospital Expansion

To serve the community healthcare recruitment agencies Dubai needs, that too in a country like the UAE, there is a huge demand for hospital expansion. With a significant number of people seeking to avail of medical services, most hospitals aim for expansion.

One, therefore, needs to create a physician staffing plan to accommodate the widened arena of services. A professional recruitment agency looks into your needs and your goals to help you with setting up a cadre of physicians with varying medical specialties and expertise.

3) Create Career Pages For Different Medical Speciality Areas

With a number of needs in the area of medical treatment, a hospital has to be equipped in terms of the number of physicians they have. For hiring physicians for different medical specialty areas, hospitals should create attractive career pages. It will not only make communication easier with the interested candidates, but also it will attract a number of candidates to apply.

4) Invest in Physician Recruitment Marketing Drives

Sometimes, vacancies at your hospitals may not reach the right ears. Advertising may fail too. Therefore, to ensure that physicians from target regions get to know about the positions of vacancy at your hospital, invest in a physician recruitment marketing drive.

Your hospital HR could also organize or participate in Recruitment Agencies In Dubai drives. There are career fairs and international recruitment initiatives taken by agencies in which you could present your hospital hiring opportunities.

5) Partner with Physician Recruitment Agency With Wide Database Of Physician Talent Pools

A well-connected physician recruitment agency has a wide range of physician talent pools. Such agencies have their presence all over the world. They do not waste time searching for candidates from scratch.

They always have extensive talent resources and networks to quickly source talent based on a given recruitment criteria. Their experience and contacts allow them to optimize outcomes from physician recruitment.

Tips To Efficiently Recruit The Best-Qualified Physicians

The following are some tips that might help you efficiently recruit the best-qualified physicians for your UAE-based hospitals and clinics.

1) Let Your Doctor Recruiter Help You Refine Physician Staffing Planning and Approach

For ensuring that you get the best out of the recruitment process in a hassle-free manner, share your physician workforce planning with your physician recruiter and let them analyze and offer suggestions that will improve your talent attraction and talent availability factors.

Agencies usually have effective refining methods. They also keep in mind the needs of your hospital, whether you need more doctors of a specialized field, or need temporary physicians for substitution, etc.

2) Get Expert Advice From Doctor Recruiters To Attract Reputed Consultants To Offer Services At Your Hospital

Doctor recruiters have experience in applying strategies to attract doctors from within the nation and all over the world. They do know what kind of recruitment methods are to be applied in a multicultural country like the UAE. They focus on the perks of working as a physician in a UAE-based hospital.

Apart from that, they even attract reputed consultants to work at your hospital. Medical consultants deal with business-related issues for hospitals so they can focus on providing care.

3) Create Intuitively Designed Material To Reach Out To Targeted Doctor Candidates

There exists quite a number of material and recruitment tools that accelerate the process of attracting applications. Hospitals, with the help of physician recruiters, devise such tools. It may be exercised with the help of social media, advertising tools, reaching out to medical forums, etc. The employer branding material is designed in such a way that the physicians feel it is worth it to start their practicing careers in your hospital.

4) Build Your Hospital’s Brand As A Great Employer

Every doctor wants to work in a hospital that takes into account how much they are cared for. Cooperative management, the scope for professional growth, enhanced training, and many such features of the hospital help the hospital in portraying itself as a great employer.

Also, the brand of the hospital should be such that it is likable not only by the employees but also is respected among the patients. This is because doctors want to be connected to a hospital that serves humanity without being infamous.

5) Choose Virtual Doctor Recruitment Techniques For Initial Screening

For knowing about the candidates and their initial interaction, virtual recruitment means should be implemented to carry out initial screening. To engage global physician manpower, it is necessary to have virtual engagement methods.

Assessment, interviews, surveys, and many more virtual recruitment tools may be applied. This helps in knowing the physicians beyond their CVs and other portfolios.

6) Conduct Background Checks Before Shortlisting For Second Round of Screening

After the first round of interaction and screening, conduct background checks to see if the referrals, testimonials, and educational qualifications are legitimate. A thorough background check could be conducted with the help of a medical physician recruiter from a reputed physician staffing agency.

7) Use Current and Detailed Doctor Screening Techniques:

Pre-employment tests are something most hospitals all over the world engage these days to know if the candidates are apt for the post offered by the hospital. An applicant tracking system is another innovative method that helps speed up the process of physician staffing.

Go beyond traditional interviews to include detailed academic and professional interview formats that dig deeper into a candidate’s ability to diagnose, offer emergency assistance, and quickly solve issues.

8) Check References and Membership in Medical Associations

Most specialized physicians are members of recognized associations in their country, and their profiles are available on the association’s website or directory. It is easy to track and trace the career of specialist physicians when you have access to the websites of such associations.

Reference checks are always a critical step for preventing recruitment risks. Good physician staffing agencies know how to conduct a comprehensive reference check and give you correct insights into potential candidates’ skills, aptitude, behavior, etc.

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