Virtual Onboarding: How to Onboard Remote Employees?

How to Onboard Remote Employees

Generally, the concept of onboarding relates itself with the realm of the human resources industry or staffing solution UAE that focuses on the process of introducing the newly hired employee into the establishment.

The term generally refers to the activity that focuses on enhancing organization specialization and the concept of “getting to know each other” in a more formal sense.

Onboarding is considered to be one of the most crucial factors that assist the newly joined employees to help understand their position, requirements of the job, and their role in your office.

Generally, the activities are done away with maintaining the four necessary steps to make them aware of your company’s expectations, skills, knowledge, and culture.

Though the concept behind onboarding might seem simple, there are some challenges to the process of onboarding.

Aspects like lack of clarity on the information, or bombardment of data, assumptions about the capabilities of the ‘new hire,’ the management, or lack of consistency at different office sectors are factors that can set the organization behind.

But is it about the organization? Why not employees? It is because your employees are the backbone for your organization. Upon them, your success deters.

If you make them feel heard, valued, respected in the office by promoting a healthy workplace culture, you will be the one to take benefits from it.

That is why we have mentioned specific strategically improved methods that can help you get your talented enlisted employees “onboard” effectively.

Successful Virtual Onboarding For Remote Employees

1. Include a Warm, Good Welcome Video

It is always nice to receive a welcoming note in an unknown place; not only does it make the place worth your time and your effort, but it makes you feel wanted too. That is how a welcoming video works, like a warm hug.

A welcoming video, or rather known as an intro video, gives the audience a warm welcome. The newly recruited talents from employment agencies in Dubai can be welcomed with a personalized note and providing information and ideas about the company. The essence of the organization, the anticipation, and the establishment’s role in the commercial industry.

With this coverage, your newly recruited talent will be able to discern what is expected of them. However, these messages will only be conveyed if the introduction video is made with utter care. Here are some ways to provide it with the touch of tenderness.

  • Make it engaging by discussing the values and what connects you with them.
  • Use warm, friendly, and authentic words rather.
  • Feature the person who has a calm demeanor about him or her. Stiffness will not be rewarded here.

You have to ensure that the intro video has included the aspect of the facilitation process, a demonstrative statement regarding what is expected of the employees. Also, to make it more catchy, ensure that the video is brief, up to a point, and short, giving an analytical picture of the company.

2. Include A Stunning Company Presentation That Instills Trust and Confidence

Many organizations utilize the presentation to inform, educate, and motivate their employees as this socialization tool helps them be more engaging and persuasive with the internal and external audience.

You have to focus on utilizing the power of words. With this, you can enhance the imprint of the presentation. However, you have to ensure that the presentation is instilled into the multi-sectional office, starting from training and internal communication programs to sales.

It will help in retaining the attention of the audience. To some extent, this formal tutorial will give your employees an insight into the business practices and the ethical conduct of the organization.

Nonetheless, there are intra-organizational and inter-organization presentations conducted by one or more of the coworker members. With the help of this particular aspect, you can easily introduce the new policies and procedures, ideations, and principles of the office to the newly added workforce with a practical stance.

3. Benefits and Employee-Friendly Policies Should Be Communicated

When it comes to introducing employee-friendly policies, the concept of family-friendly policies and the benefits regarding those principles comes synonymously.

It has been suggested by a study that many employees are prone to taking less money instead of taking extra beneficial policies that cover their families. So it could be cited that the overture of employee-friendly policies is more likely to attract job seekers.

With the right policies, one can simply seek the beneficence of employee loyalty. Here are some of the policies you can include in your work.

  • A policy that promotes quality time with your family members
  • Paid family leave
  • Child care assistance

By supporting them, you will be creating an image for yourself that will instill a sense of trust in them.

Not only that, but with the help of this practice, your employee can upwardly balance the responsibilities of the family with their work commitment, so it can be said that it works as an element of motivation to prompt the employee to meet their personal and professional commitments.

4. Distribute Accountability – Include Virtual Mentors and a Buddy

To promote the confidence of remote workers, accountability should be chosen as one of the stimulus elements. This essential aspect in the workplace is crucial towards establishing a quality work mode.

Not only that, but keeping the employee accountable for their efforts eliminates the endeavors spent on unproductive activities. By withholding your employers accountable for their actions, you will generally be ingraining them with the values and principles of work ethics that will spring off skill and confidence in return.

So when you hold the employee for the investment of their talent and managerial skills, they feel appreciated. Psychologically, it imprints them further. In other words, if utilized right, accountability can increase the quality of work and build a strong sense of relationship. While assigning a guide for remote workers is difficult, assigning virtual assistance may just do the trick.

5. Make it Easy to Access and Manage Independently

Accessibility is a part of a culture that enhances the productivity rate and increases the quality of work by multiple folds. In other words, accountability and accessibility are interchangeable terms that depend on each other to generate the right result. An accessible workplace assists the business with a place where a wider pool of talent can apply for.

With the right management system, your remote employee can maintain and advance in their employment services so that the expansion of their potentiality through the customer base can be boosted. To assure growth to the remote workers, the establishment of accessibility and management is essential.

6. Synchronize Well The Day- and Week-Wise Allotment of Activities

A messy schedule will not bear the same result that you desire. That is why you have to focus on synchronizing the employees’ daily activities to give rise to efficacy. The allocation of work closely influences the production of outcomes.

The management of tasks allows the team members to think about their knowledge, experience, and skills to increase their productivity level and bring forth the result based on organizational expertise and the provided data. That is why you need to follow the methods mentioned below.

  • You need to incorporate certain tools for organizing the task.
  • Use a chatbox to clear out any confusion.
  • Ensure communication is active.

However, this allocation of work will work as long as you brief the remote workers comprehensively. Any lack of understanding between the team members or communication gap can impact the productivity rate. With the standardized organizing function and proportionate work distribution, the bunch can exceed the expected level of performance.

7. Include A Program That Involves Virtual Team Building and Coordination

The importance of virtual team bonding is towards establishing a sense of productivity among the remote workers. Increasing the productivity rate, efficiency, and collaboration between the isolated team members is thought to boost performance.

Not only will it make your employees feel connected, but it will help to build a good relationship between the individuals that will thrive on values. However, in the corporate sense, the inclusion of team-building activities will help the remote workers to adapt to new remote work lifestyles while minimizing the negatives of the online workplace culture.

You can choose to employ certain activities mentioned below to retain good coordination between the remote workers.

  • Office trivia
  • Board games
  • Ice-breaking activities
  • Virtual karaoke

A study has found that virtual coordination activities promote dedication and organization while reducing the sense of loneliness and the added stress of a global pandemic.

8. Use Videos with Screenshots, Recordings, Etc To Explain Work Management

Using visual aids such as videos, screenshots, videos with screenshots, recordings to explain the work to remote employees promotes a stance of effectiveness. The ethically enhanced mode of operation includes illustration regarding the tasks, managerial role, and more will help your workers be more attentive to the information you provide.

Conventionally providing autocratic information to your employee may exhaust them. Using new and unique ways to retain their attention and enhance the role of engagement to another level is essential. Not only that, but with the visual representation of the data, you can convey the key points of any task without fail. In other words, it makes the communication system very effective.

9. Leverage The Power of Gamification

Gamification is a tool that encourages the employee to feel more motivated towards taking certain tasks. To enhance the productivity rate among the remote employees, you have to include the program of gamification.

But why gamification, right? As this particular vision utilizes goals, achievements, and rewarding systems to enhance their encouragement towards work, the positive result yielded from the mode of gamification bears an overall record for your whole organization. Some of the common gamification adopted by organizations are

  • Badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Physical rewards

With the implementation of the gamified products as the reward, it has been cited in a study that an increase in employee satisfaction and performance has been recorded in this post-pandemic era. 62% of the workers have claimed in the study that it keeps them motivated throughout the work and helps them focus on the goal. So the key to increasing the productivity rate of your company should be driven towards the establishment of gamified strategies.

10. Celebrate the Completion of The Virtual Onboarding

Welcoming your team members should be a celebration; even though it has to be maintained through the systematization of remote works, you have to ensure that the ushering procedure is full of warmth as “first impression matters.”

How the procedure of onboarding is conducted influences the notion of the employee. As this particular case will work as a key component towards the creation of the first impression that your company will have on them, this aspect is what they use to base their crucial decision, that is, “whether to continue working with you or not.”

That is why you have to employ certain onboarding best practices, and all the required tools the talents hired with the help of Recruitment Agencies In Qatar need to succeed in the organization. Here are some of the practices you need to keep in your mind.

  • Keep them engaged and make them feel welcome from their day one in the organization.
  • Give them a guided virtual tour of the facility.
  • Discuss their development plan
  • Teach them the organizational network and company practice.

All these methods will help you improve employee retention while enhancing their chances of choosing you over any other place.

11.Include a Feedback Section

The importance of feedback in the workplace is an important practice that enhances the quality of decision-making ability and influences the innovations and changes that the organization has to go through. A study has found that 65% of the employees want a feedback section.

If you add a feedback system, it will enhance your credibility and make your employee feel valued and heard because generally, feedback is not just a tool of effective learning, they come in many forms.

It comes in the form of motivation, it comes in the form of attainment of confidence among your worker, and if you notice it right, it comes in the form of dedication towards learning.

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