What Does a Head Chef Do, And How to Hire a Head Chef?

What Does a Head Chef Do

To run a successful restaurant it is necessary to have a good chef, so as a restaurant owner, you must hire the right person for the job and the person who knows what does head chefs do. To grow your restaurant business and perfectly manage the kitchen you should have, you need a head chef, sauce chef, pastry, and many others as per the need of your kitchen, as fulfilling these roles are essential to smoothly running the kitchen.

The most important thing to consider is the quality of food and the variety of food on the menu to attract new customers or retain old ones. For that, you need a talented and experienced chef who can help you bring more creativity to the food and make a perfect and versatile menu for your restaurant. It would be best if you had a very good leader to lead your kitchen team, give life to your goals and vision, and create a working environment and a good culinary experience.

Why do You Need a Head Chef for the Restaurant?

Running the restaurant is like flying a plane without a pilot. The head chef is like your restaurant’s front-seat driver; driving the restaurant without an experienced driver is risky. A good chef who knows exactly what chefs do is an important asset to the restaurant, as they will help you create the best dishes and different types of cuisine. They will give a delightful experience to the guest by which you can have a more repeat customer, which is very important for your business.

A good chef will creatively design the best menu for the restaurant, which is one of the things which will attract the customers more. A good experience will lead the kitchen staff, do coaching and mentor the other kitchen staff, and run the business smoothly. Let’s have some direction in which having a good head chef will give you the advantage:

  • A good chef will properly clean the kitchen, handle the food professionally, and maintain hygiene and safety guidelines.
  • If there is any conflict between guests and the kitchen staff, having an experienced head chef will be very good on your side as they can resolve this with their expertise.
  • Supervise the food-making process and the presentation of the food by the kitchen staff
  • They make the correct inventory purchase and make the right decision for the kitchen, and will do everything within the budget.
  • The most important thing is food; they will introduce new dishes with good recipes, different styles, and various ingredients in very good flavors.

Important Tips to Consider before Hiring a Good Chef

You can have the best service in your restaurant; you can set the ambiance and lighting and everything properly, and you may have all the best ingredients, but having a head chef is necessary to run the restaurant. So having a good head chef who knows exactly what the head chef does is a must for your kitchen, and let us look at how to choose the best chef for your restaurant.

You Must Know What and Who You are Looking

This is the most obvious thing to know about who you are looking for in your restaurant. It becomes easy to select if you know the qualities you are looking for and what type of chef you want for your restaurant. You should be particular about what type of candidates you look for; otherwise, you will waste your time. Besides the educational qualification, you must check the parasol’s qualities and how they as a person will give you an idea about how he will handle the kitchen in a high-pressure situation. There is some point that you can consider while selecting the head chef like:

The head chef is the leader of all the kitchen staff, so they must have leadership qualities to manage and motivate the other kitchen staff in difficult situations.

  • Should have an even temperament
  • Must main the standard of the restaurant and provide good quality food
  • A good leader should have good skill of time management
  • Must give attention to minor details

Consider Different Opinions for Hire

For Sourcing good chef candidates, you have many options like posting for the job online, giving ads online, giving ads through the poster, or hiring internally; you can contact the different agencies and use the best advertising system, word of mouth. You can consider searching through different websites; they will help you find the best candidates who are qualified as per your requirement and perfectly matched for your hiring position.


This restaurant industry has a very high turnover of staff and a very notorious industry; in this industry, no one has a good stability record. Before hiring, you should check that the candidate you select has a decent track record of stability, which means they have been with the same company in that position for a long time. And we should cross-check the reputation of the chef where they worked previously, why they left the restaurant, whether they can handle the kitchen stress, and how they manage their staff.

Test of The Food

The first thing to look for in the chef is how their food test. So having a well-qualified chef on paper is fine, but the food he prepares tests very badly. You can ask for a menu demo and test their food before you finalize the chef. The head chef must know how to fix the menu and the pricing of the dishes as everyone can afford them. Before hiring the head chef, you must ask them to cook for you, and you should carefully observe the food preparation process and the final test of the food.

Should Contact their References

For hiring any good chef who knows exactly what chefs do, you should contact their references and do a cross-check about the candidates. At a minimum, you can call their references and ask whether they are focused, honest, effective, punctual, etc. Sometimes while you are taking an interview, you miss some points to ask, and you can ask and be sure of their references. If you find some things that could be improved in the chef and feel they are not perfect for the head chef position, consider them in a different position and discuss them with them. One thing to understand is that before hiring any head chef, you should know what a headhunter chef is as they are very dangerous for the restaurant business.


If it concerns hiring a head chef, it will take a lot of thinking. You know that operating the kitchen smoothly requires more than cooking skills. Still, it also needs good customer service, wise control of the cost, consistency in delivering good quality, and properly planning everything in the kitchen are some of the most necessary things to have. It would be best if you had a very good leader to lead your kitchen team and give life to your goals and vision. Always remember that to run the restaurant business smoothly, you should have a good and loyal head chef.