What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing? Benefits of Alliance RPO!

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • How is your organization managing talent acquisition? With rising costs?
  • Have you thought about your HR dark data hiding so many expenses, insights, and intelligence across lost, archived, and unavailable data sources?
  • Are you able to expand or improve business performance at the rate you envisioned?
  • Despite the investment in manpower hiring, are you frequently outsmarted by competitors for key projects or orders? Worse, frequently faced with talent gaps?

There is a one-stop solution for effectively addressing these diverse HR and recruitment challenges. Consider recruitment process outsourcing services RPO) services.

RPO is about outsourcing HR activities related to recruitment to an external recruitment company. Different companies opt for RPO in diverse ways. Some companies opt for partial recruitment process outsourcing companies, while some hire a master RPO service provider for all their talent acquisition needs.

Manpower RPO has become the ideal solution for managing increasingly competitive talent acquisition activities. Various industry reports indicate a growth rate of 18.5% (2021-2027) for RPO, which is expected to reach USD 18540 million by 2027.

It is definitely more profitable to consider recruitment process outsourcing services for your UAE company than not going for it. Most of your top competitors would certainly be leveraging the strengths of recruitment process outsourcing companies to win projects, launch product innovations, digitalize production activities, or enter new markets.

If you are still wondering about RPO for your company in Dubai or other emirates of the UAE, get all the right facts and insights to make super successful business decisions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO involves an employer sourcing the responsibility of finding and hiring manpower to a third-party service provider – a recruitment process outsourcing company. RPO is designed to attract, find, and hire qualified candidates with minimal involvement from employer companies.

There are different types of contracts available for recruitment process outsourcing services.

Full RPO:

Also called enterprise RPO, this type of contact is usually popular among small- and mid-sized companies who do want to invest in an in-house HR infrastructure. They may hire an HR director and a manager to oversee the RPO activities.

Modular RPO:

Modular RPO services are offered by certain recruitment outsourcing companies that allow employers to pick and choose the support they need through RPO, from sourcing and screening to interview coordination and onboarding services.

Function-Based RPO:

When employers want to source the talent sourcing and full or partial hiring activities of particular divisions or practice areas to an RPO provider, they opt for a function-based RPO.

Project-Based RPO:

Employers choose project RPO to get an agile, cost-efficient, flexible, and scalable recruiting solution for meeting diverse project-based talent needs.

Recruitment process outsourcing companies offer various RPO models and offerings to accommodate the various manpower requirements of their clients. Top hr consulting of Alliance Recruitment Agency note that employers benefit twice or thrice when they partner with recruitment process outsourcing providers with wide experience in working with companies of their size, type, and industry segment.

Recruitment outsourcing companies like Alliance Recruitment Agency have already segmented their RPO offerings and teams based on their client company size, footprint, and the complexity of their talent needs.

Segmentation cannot be generalized, but here are a few examples to share.

RPO For Global Organizations:

The talent needs of large global companies vary from mid-sized and small businesses. For instance, the job profile of marketing managers of a 5,000-employee strong company offering 15-30 different products, solutions, and services and catering to billion-dollar businesses varies significantly from that of their SME counterparts.

RPO For Companies With Nationwide Presence:

The kind of talent outreach required by companies with a wide presence in their home country requires recruiters with extensive country-wide and, sometimes, international talent pools.

RPO For Organizations Required Highly Complex, Specialized Talent:

Some of the best examples are companies in aerospace, aeronautics, and defense. They need to source from a limited, niche, super-specialized technical and engineering talent pool. Their RPO partners would need to have relevant talent access and recruitment knowledge.

Specialized RPO For Startups:

Startups would benefit by partnering with RPO recruiting companies with experience in finding innovative, cost-efficient solutions to manage their unique talent needs.

The RPO heads at Alliance Recruitment Agency have separate teams to cater to the different RPO client segments. We have sub-segmented our clients based on market insights, talent acquisition insights, and geo-specific talent availability insights.

We have a wide, diverse, global network of RPO consultants, and our clients profit from the knowledge, resources, and talent pools of our entire company through a single RPO contract. Find out the immense benefits of partnering with us for RPO.

The Unique, Exponential Benefits of RPO Services From Alliance Recruitment Agency

HR Infrastructure and Cost Reduction

Companies partnering with us for full RPO benefit from up to a 90% reduction in HR infrastructure, resources, and technology investments, which can be redirected to product innovation, company expansion, or other key business moves.

Recruitment Cost and Time Savings

Our partners benefit from 60%-70% comparative advantages in terms of recruitment time and cost savings. These benefits are enabled in a context where a majority of companies worldwide are faced with increasing time to hire and cost per hire.

Quality of Hire

With extensive talent resources and advanced recruitment technologies, finding and identifying best-match talent based on any specifications related to hard skills, experience, proven abilities, certifications, soft skills, cultural traits, etc., becomes a reality. Transform any strategic business move into a success with on-time availability of quality professionals per position.

10x More Regional, Nationwide Talent Availability

Our access to local and nationwide talent pools covers Asia, North America, Europe, certain African countries, and Australia. We have specialized recruiters for different cities within a country. For example, in India, we cover all key cities, such as Delhi and the NCR region, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, and Bangalore.

This extensive talent access covering millions of candidates helps us quickly generate high-quality applicant pools.

Expertise in Global, Cross-Border Recruitment

With the help of recruiters with deep local knowledge and understanding of laws, regulations, and regional hiring practices in 25+ countries, you will be able to build a high-performing international workforce, improving the performance of your operations in international locations and offshore/cross-border remote and onsite teams.

Less Dependence on Expensive External Staffing Support

Surveys of many companies indicate a dependency on using the staff provided by third-party service providers or vendors to meet urgent short-staffing needs or unexpected peaks in customer demands.

Companies hiring us as their master RPO service provider indicate more control over their recruitment supply chain and up to 60% reduction in staffing costs.

Making Recruitment Lean, Standardized, Outcome-Enriched

As organizations expand into multiple geographies or hire a global remote workforce, it’s important to standardize and optimize recruitment processes, eliminating the weak, unproductive processes and dark recruitment data and costs. Clients that have us as a centralized RPO provider achieve this aim with excellence.

Your company can standardize key processes across mobile and virtual recruitment procedures, making applicant pools easily accessible, editable, and fit for automated notifications and scheduling of tests, assessments, and interviews.

Visibility and Insights For Continually Improving Talent Acquisition Metrics

Our RPO services give you ongoing and deep visibility of key talent acquisition metrics depending on skills availability, seniority, division-based talent availability, and costs. We can also put in place systems to measure time to desired productivity levels, talent retention levels, etc., per project, team, division, or business unit.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale up and down the dedicated team of recruiters we provide you as per your hiring needs for over a year. Get the flexibility to include only those services in your RPO package as best suited to your needs or get multiple and diverse RPO packages for different projects and divisions.

Better Employer Branding

Our RPO recruiters have expertise in well-designed recruitment marketing across mediums and channels most frequented by your target manpower or potential hires. We also improve employer brand by helping you prepare superior website career pages, social media career pages, and employer branding material.

Ensuring Compliance and Regulations

Non-compliant hiring practices lead to various risks. With our recruiters to serve you, implement compliance-centered recruitment practices that reflect adherence to prevailing local and international labor and complex legal requirements.

Our recruiters also excel at enhancing recruitment processes for achieving goals such as diversity and inclusiveness, and equal opportunity.

Alliance Recruitment Agency in UAE

Alliance Recruitment Agency in UAE is counted among the most trustworthy and competent recruitment outsourcing companies by about 20,000 organizations worldwide. We serve startups, SME firms, and mid-sized companies in different sectors and countries, as well as Fortune 500 companies and large international organizations (commercial and nonprofit) in the GCC countries.

If you are looking for recruitment process outsourcing companies, it is worth connecting with us. You would find immense benefits with just a simple RPO contract. Let us connect!