Why Hire Pharmacists In The UAE With The Help of Pharmacist Headhunters?

Hire Pharmacists In The UAE

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a boom in the UAE. But there is an acute shortage of skilled pharmacists to meet the growing demand. With so much competition for expert pharmacist talent, finding the right talent has gone beyond borders to international locations. This is where the need for a good pharmacist headhunter arises. Besides hiring skilled candidates for your company, a skilled headhunter brings a lot of other benefits to the table, such as cutting down on hiring expenses, unnecessary efforts, and time to hire.

The UAE’s pharmacy industry is growing rapidly. In recent years, the country has made numerous moves in this sector and has one of the fastest-growing healthcare sectors in the GCC. It is putting in efforts to actively expand the industry, allowing international pharmaceutical organizations to invest in the emirates through opening units, partnering with Emirati businesses, and increasing pharmaceutical operations ownership.

It is amazing to see the increased participation of UAE citizens in this sector over the last few years. However, there is still a shortage in the number of pharmacists needed to fulfill retail, government, industrial, and teaching roles in the country. According to a WHO report, the UAE had a pharmacist density of 0.4 per 1,000 people some years back.

The pandemic has made the situation even worse. The demand for pharmacists has increased exponentially, but there has been a decrease in availability. Pharmacists are required not only at pharmacy stores but also for many positions in pharmaceutical companies, food, and beverage companies, research organizations, and laboratories. Finding talented pharmacists in the UAE is becoming increasingly difficult.

Are You Able To Meet Your Pharmacist Hiring Needs On Time?

For a candidate to get employed as a pharmacist in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, they need to follow a strict and elaborate process.

For getting hired as a pharmacist in the UAE, a candidate must have a degree in pharmacy in addition to a few years of professional experience in the industry. Only experience in the pharmaceutical sector counts when calculating the minimum experience required.

A pharmacist applying for a job in the UAE will also need to take and pass an examination conducted by the Dubai health authority or Ministry of Health UAE. For taking the examination, an eligible candidate needs to register online with their credentials. All these are just the basic requirements.

A reputed pharmaceutical company in the UAE will only be interested in hiring talent that is best suited as per their unique set of requirements. Finding the best-qualified pharmacist through social media or job advertisements could be an immensely time-consuming process, not to mention the various hassles related to screening through hundreds of resumes.

By hiring the right pharmacist headhunter, you will be able to rein in the best pharmacist for your company, absolutely without hassle.

Benefits of Hiring Pharmacists Through Pharmacist Headhunters at Alliance Recruitment Agency

1) Outreach – Ability to Reach Out To Pharmacists Across Cities

One of the unique abilities of our pharmacist headhunters is their outreach – they have access to several wide, diverse pharmacist talent pools. Our extensive and varied databases help them find the best candidates within a short time. Our pharmacist headhunters also assist in filling urgent vacancies within a company.

Being one of the best pharmacist headhunter agencies, we stand out because of our access to a large number of experienced candidates. We keep our databases updated and include separate categories for active and passive job hunters. Employing the services of a competent pharmacist headhunter agency like us will help you meet your needs in less time and more efficiently. We can help you quickly locate quality Pharmacists to add to your workforce.

2) Niche Knowledge – Ability to frame the right hiring approach and techniques

The right headhunter is able to hire the most appropriate candidates for your company by employment agencies in Dubai and models that ensure recruitment success measured in terms of metrics such as overall organizational benefits.

However, the ability to devise innovative hiring strategies and approaches is dependent on the niche knowledge of your recruiter. Your company gets the benefits of making brilliant hiring decisions and efficiently managing recruitment through the services of expert pharmacist headhunters.

Expert pharmacist headhunters, by virtue of their vast industry experience and knowledge, are able to spot the best-suited candidates for every role. This ability makes them an indispensable part of a lot of companies’ recruitment processes.

3) Superior Talent – Access and Connections with a Wider, Richer, Diverse Talent Networks

A broad network of connections and being able to access a pool of qualified candidates even on an urgent basis are two qualities that could offer your company a competitive edge. But these qualities are not easily achievable. And that is why you should seek professional intervention in this regard.

The expansive network of connections that Alliance Recruitment Agency can boast of is outright unachievable for most small and mid-sized companies, as well as a few large-scale businesses.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has great niche knowledge apart from access to a huge pool of talent comprising both active and passive job seekers.

4) Right Talent Match – Expertise in Finding Candidates Best Matched With Your Needs

It’s not just the skill that needs to be matched. A candidate’s behavioral attributes, work ethics as well as experience must align with the employer’s requirements. Thorough background research helps to identify the best ones. While selecting a candidate, we consider your expectations and specifications as hiring guidelines. As a result, we can always find the best match for the position that needs to be filled.

5) Less Time to Hire – Competencies in Fast Placements

Hiring the services of experienced pharmacist headhunters makes finding the best-qualified and best-matched talent a hundredfold easier. Not just that, doing so simply speeds up the process and gets the benefit of saving a lot of time. What contributes towards faster recruitment is the ready availability of candidates with us.

For us, speed doesn’t mean compromised quality. We can make faster recruitments without negatively impacting hiring outcomes. The hiring time also gets cut down because of how organized the entire hiring process is.

And that is why whether you are looking for a pharmacist on an urgent basis or for routine staffing, you can trust us. This way, you save time, money, and a lot of unnecessary effort.

6) Streamlined Processes – Expertise in Enabling Optimized Recruitment Process Management

Although the recruitment process involves multiple stages, we undertake it in a systematic and organized manner. Our experts know how to take confusion or chaos out of the pharmacist recruitment process.

We work in a streamlined manner as we begin by understanding the needs of the agency and preparing a plan for the entire process of searching and recruiting. The tasks are planned in such a way that all activities and processes, including coordination and reporting, can be completed quickly and smoothly.

7) Enhanced Employer Brand – Skills To Improve Candidate Perceptions of Your Employer Brand

Alliance Recruitment Agency also offers services that improve employer branding. When pharmacists search about your company, they visit certain websites, social media sources and also go through your company website. As part of our pharmacist recruitment services, we also offer employer branding enhancement services so that you attract great talent towards your company rather than towards your competitors.

An employer brand is also perceived through how the entire recruitment process is managed. We ensure that everything, from candidate selection to managing interviews, is done with professionalism. This creates a positive impression about your company as an employer, helping you become an attractive destination for a lot of pharmacist job seekers.

8) Cost Savings – Resources and Practices That Reduce Overall Hiring Costs

Many companies hesitate when first thinking about collaborating with a recruitment agency because they consider it an added expense. However, the best recruiter will help you save money and not make you overspend. We can save you money by focusing on high-value tasks, boosting candidate quality, cutting down on hiring time, and supercharging your hiring process.

Alliance Recruitment Agency-UAE

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a global firm offering recruitment services across the UAE and 20+ other countries. Our pharmacist headhunting experts have satisfactorily served thousands of clients for 11+ years and developed deep, niche expertise, knowledge, and talent access in international pharmaceutical industry sectors.

Our agency has specialized teams managing the requirements of pharmacists on a full-time or temporary basis. We help you hire top pharmacists in the UAE through best practices that optimize the recruitment outcomes for your company.

If your company is in the UAE – find talented pharmacists that best fit any hiring criteria you specify. With a huge network across the globe, we can help hire the best candidates.