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Doctor Recruitment in Dubai

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers services for doctor recruitment in Dubai for hospitals, medical service centers, and medical colleges and universities. Our Dubai doctor recruitment specialists always ensure that all rules, norms and best practices of hiring doctors from outside Dubai are followed.

We provide international recruitment services for healthcare professionals with bachelor’s degrees, master’s degree, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees and certifications. Our services also include recruitment of nursing professionals and medical technicians, biotechnology experts, pathology and testing professionals. For your Dubai doctor recruitment needs, we help you hire doctors from anywhere in Asia, North Americas and several European and African countries

Why Alliance Recruitment Agency

We follow a very stringent process, checking every detail and keeping in place a mechanism for background checks and references. Our Dubai Doctor recruitment services are backed by our ten years of experience in the field.

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Trusted Doctor Recruitment Agency in Dubai

We have emerged as among the best doctor recruitment agencies in Dubai. Our experience spans hundreds of Dubai doctors recruitment. These include general practitioners and physicians, cardiologists, endocrinologists, pediatricians, immunologists and allergists, neurologists, rheumatologists, obstetricians / gynecologists, pulmonologists, nephrologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic surgeons, etc. Whether you are looking to hire a head of emergency and trauma unit or seeking consultants specialised in thoracic surgery, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency. Our doctor recruitment Dubai team member will get in touch with you very soon and help you hire a doctor or a team of doctors within a minimum timeframe. We ensure that each and every position-based recruitment is fulfilled to your satisfaction.

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Need Help With Doctor Staffing?

Need Help With Doctor Staffing?

To drive excellence while managing doctor recruitment in Dubai, we use optimized candidate engagement methods.

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Services-Dubai Doctor Recruitment

With help of latest technologies and strategies, the screening and shortlisting process becomes easier, faster and reliable. We take care of the various processes of the recruitment cycle starting from talent search to final shortlisting.

Within a defined time-frame the agencies can reach maximum active potential doctors and health-care workers. The agency has a huge network and database of candidates matching clients requirements. Clients don’t have to spend much on offline or online advertisements separately to reach talents.

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Full Services-Doctor Recruitment in Dubai

  • Understand Client Requirement:

    We do a thorough consultation to prepare detailed position descriptions and requirements.

  • Define Job Role:

    This includes making a list of all requirements such as academics, training, experience, special skills, etc.

  • Reach and Attract Potential Candidates:

    We leverage the talent pools we have harnessed over ten years of Dubai doctor recruitment services as well as our network of connections worldwide to find you the best-fit doctor candidates.

  • Screen Profile and Shortlist:

    We help with various screening processes from initial interviews to expert interviews and assessment arrangements.

  • Negotiation and Checks:

    We help you with a detailed documentation check as well as with reference checks, and negotiations done from your side.

Global Doctor Recruitment Agency in Dubai

Hiring doctors from anywhere in the world becomes easier when you partner with a global doctor recruitment agency. For your Dubai-based hospital or private clinic or medical college, if you are looking to recruit a doctor with a master’s degree in a speciality, or a general physician with a bachelor’s degree or a medical research expert, or an experienced teacher for medical studies, give Alliance Recruitment Agency a call right away. We will make your doctor recruitment an efficient, hassle-free and worry-free process.

Consult With Our Doctor Recruiters!

  • Global Recruiters:

    We help International Recruitment Agencies In Dubai for medical practices hire doctors from anywhere in 20+ countries.

  • Trusted and Reliable Recruitment Agency:

    Our Dubai Doctor Recruitment team is a highly committed and motivated team providing quality recruitment solutions. The team ensures compliance with all international hiring laws and regulations.

  • Cost- and Time-efficient Recruitment Services:

    Our focus is to make your doctor recruitments more efficient and outcome-oriented, to help you find medical professionals with the abilities to add to your reputation as a healthcare services provider. We help you get more from your recruitment investment, and also fill vacancies on time.

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