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Oil & Gas is an important contributor to the economy in Dubai while offering extensive job opportunities. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we have specialized teams comprising expert technical recruiters and headhunters who have local market knowledge as well as experience in Oil and Gas recruitments.

We have built a strong network of several skilled candidates in the right locations that helps our clients meet their project demands, both onshore and offshore. We are among the Dubai-focused Oil and Gas recruitment agencies offering a wide range of manpower services for recruitment across functions such as engineering, electrical, mechanical, drilling, instrumentation, and much more. Our recruitment services cover a large variety of disciplines within upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. With our custom and standard staffing and various manpower hiring services, you are sure to find us a competent recruitment partner.

Dubai Oil and Gas Recruitment Services

Every division within an Oil and Gas sector company has its own highly specialized functional operations. The sector also has a wide range of companies in the peripheral areas such as manufacturing and engineering firms catering to the various requirements. Our Dubai Oil and Gas recruitment agency offers manpower services for all these business segments too. This has been facilitated with the help of specialist consultants having a strong background in the industry and an understanding of the requirements such as skills, certifications, abilities, experience, and training with regard to different roles and related duties.

Our experts are also skilled in framing detailed search methodology, where they seek a thorough understanding of the requirements as stated by the organizations and execute it at a later stage, during the recruitment process. This allows Alliance Recruitment Agency to operate as the perfect extension of the organization. Through an extensive network of expert professionals along with a wide reach in the job market of Dubai, we help our clients in the Oil and Gas sector fulfill their various manpower resource needs on time.

Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we take pride in being one of the best Dubai oil and gas recruitment agencies through our focus on acquiring technical know-how and expert knowledge of diverse job roles and responsibilities. This has encouraged designing customized recruitment solutions accordingly with an aim to reduce the burden faced by organizations at large. We also have in place best practices for tracking, identifying, and analyzing perfect matches for any given opportunity. Our manpower services cover recruitment assistance for numerous jobs in the various Oil and Gas business segments.

Upstream (exploration and production)

  • Construction and commission
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Geosciences, drilling and completion
  • Project controls and services
  • Production and Reservoir

Midstream (storage and transportation)

  • Advisors
  • Chemical engineers
  • Pump systems operators
  • Project Managers
  • Transport personnel

Downstream (processing and refining)

  • Chemical
  • Architect
  • Cutters
  • Foreman
  • Supervisors
  • Engineering and design

Our services are however not limited to just these functions.

Why choose our Dubai Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies?

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been offering Best HR solutions Dubai with the help of the most competent team of professionals that help the organization to grow and gain an improved competitive edge.

Promising a strong partnership

Through years of experience and expertise, we have developed a strong team of partnerships with employers and offer candidates catering to diverse projects. We work with a number of job seekers and employers to evaluate the kind of respective requirements they have in addition to the benefits they require. At the same time, we also evaluate qualifications, skills, and experiences to match them with that of the clients.

State of the art technology

By incorporating the state-of-the-art technology, we have developed an extensive database system that helps to identify candidates suitable for the requirements as stated by organizations and companies. With access to the latest and advanced tech tools, we assess the best candidates and ensure increased client satisfaction.

Improved communication

Our team is solely dedicated to rendering a larger sense of satisfaction to our clients, and we intend to prioritize your requirements and needs at the forefront. The expertise and experienced professionals maintain thorough communication with the clients throughout the employment process to foster a deeper sense of communication, clarity, and transparency.

Onshore and offshore staffing solutions

Offering a reliable and cutting edge technology, we closely adhere to the specific needs of both our onshore and offshore clients. Get in touch with us at any point in time to seek recruitment assistance and we shall be happy to assist you with the best.