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Executive Search in Dubai

For a decade, Alliance Recruitment agency has provided recruitment and human resource solutions throughout the world. In Dubai, we are amongst the leading recruitment agencies and we have successfully recruited for more than a thousand big and small companies. If you are looking for an executive search agency in Dubai, connect with us and find the leaders your company needs.

The services and competency of our Dubai executive search teams are backed by the expertise, insights and industry knowledge gained over ten years. Our experience covers executive search and recruitment projects for diverse business functions and sectors such as education, healthcare, hospitality, oil and gas, media and publishing, e-commerce, retail, engineering, IT and ITeS, among others. Whatever be your Dubai executive search goals – hiring a managing director for an Asian firm or an American firm in the UAE, recruiting the head of sales for a Dubai-based B2C company or the head of IT projects for a technology systems development company, you are sure to find an expert headhunter to source you the best-fit candidates.

Best Dubai Executive Search Services

Key placements can transform organizations, and therefore securing the right executive is critical. For getting the best executive search results, we perform a rigorous analysis of position and company based requirements, and frame a customized search model taking into account a lot of parameters and elements to zero in on the exact profile that would lead to the company hiring a top performer and a good leader.

Among the executive search firms in Dubai with a track record in expat placements, international placements and remote hiring, you will find that Alliance Recruitment Agency is a strong partner, thanks to our wide and enriched experience in global recruitment activities. Our executive search teams in Dubai will help you find leaders to drive your sales, marketing, production, IT, finance, data analytics, software development, HR and various other divisions or overall operations, wherever your business is in four continents-Asia, Americas, Africa and Europe. Our headhunters are also trained in helping with leadership assessments, negotiations, interview scheduling, scoring and shortlisting as well as a range of reporting and coordination services.

Counted among the leading executive search firms in Dubai

Our scope of recruitment services is comprehensive and our headhunters competent to follow up on any demand and requirements. For C-level roles and senior management level roles in Dubai, Alliance Recruitment Agency will be the best choice.

We have:

  • Planning and insight: We have a rich history of making planning executive search functions in the best way. As a leading executive search firm in Dubai, we are well versed in various best practices, and have the necessary insight to find the right candidate.
  • Talent acquisition: We have an extensive network throughout the globe, and our talent pools get updated all the time. We have talented executives who work with passion and dedication to reach out to talented individuals.
  • Candidate friendly environment : Candidates are highly encouraged to contact our executive if they feel like changing their jobs, career track or want to search for better opportunities.
  • Goal-oriented search: We search with a specific set of standards and goals in mind. That is why we do not lose time or cost our clients a lot of money and resources.
  • Additional services according to client’s need: We provide additional services along with headhunting for maximum effectiveness. This includes virtual and digital consultancy and services, human resource consultancy, temp staffing, and strategizing for further recruitment, etc.

Among the most trusted Executive Search Agency in Dubai

Since the beginning of our company, we have applied the values of trust, professionalism and relationships with our clients. Our values of corporate ethics, responsibility and high regard for your data’s security and safety make us one of the most ethical executive search agencies in Dubai.

  • We strive to make a difference for our clients by providing them the right individual that suits their needs, and help the candidates who want to explore newer opportunities as well. We are distinctly devoted to building long-term and authentic relationships with our candidates and clients.
  • We also attach importance to on ground presence and deep local knowledge. This approach along with our vast international network constantly enables us to stay in the forefront. We have also successfully helped in consultancy for executive and leadership roles.