How to Hire a Doctor For a Clinic in The UAE?

How to Hire a Doctor in The UAE

Hiring a doctor for your clinic in the UAE can be a tough process if a proper plan is not laid out. There are various medical doctor recruitment agencies in the UAE that will help you with doctor staffing. To save clinic operational costs and increase the patient base, you can also hire doctors from overseas, especially if you have a large number of patients from specific countries. This is when you can opt for hiring doctors abroad via international healthcare recruitment channels. Find out the various hiring options available for doctor staffing in your clinic!

Hiring a doctor for a clinic in the UAE could be more tricky than in many other countries. As the UAE has a large number of foreign residents in every Emirate and millions of immigrants from Asian countries and other geographical locations, clinics prefer to hire doctors based on their regular and potential client base.

Here is a blog that will help you find out all about doctor staffing in the UAE.

Why Are You Searching For A Doctor?

If you contemplate the following questions related to why you are searching for a doctor, then the search will be much easier and hassle-free.

Partner For Same Practice Area to Manage Expanding Patient Base?

If you are not able to manage the patient base or want to expand your clinic business in the UAE, consider hiring a doctor partner. If your specified field of practice is flourishing as it is and managing patients is becoming difficult, then hire a doctor with the same practice area. This will help you in managing the expanding patient base.

Partner For DIfferent Practice Area To Expand Clinic Business?

Even though the clinic is successful in one practice area, to expand the clinic business, consider hiring a doctor in the different practice areas. Different doctors with different practice areas will surely increase the clinic business.

Partners For Opening A Polyclinic?

Smaller than a hospital but larger than a regular clinic, a polyclinic is a place where patients with various sorts of diseases can be treated. Several partners that are specialized in their specific field come together and open a polyclinic. In the UAE, polyclinics are also known as multi-specialty clinics.

To Have An Assistant Doctor For Your Clinic?

An assistant doctor is responsible for giving primary care to the patients, performing various medical tests, prescribing medicines, having an understanding of the medical histories of the patient, and much more.

The report created by the assistant doctor is then assessed by the head doctor to see if anything different needs to be done in treating the patient. Before hiring an assistant doctor in the UAE, search their professional references and background.

Replacing Departing Medical Specialists At Your Large Clinic?

The most common scenario for you to be searching for a doctor is when a medical specialist is leaving your clinic. Doctor recruitment Dubai is set of specialties that were offered by the previous one can be difficult to find, but there are various medical doctor recruitment agencies in the UAE that can help with your search for a doctor.

Where To Search For Hiring Doctors

Online Doctor Placement Networks

There are various online doctor placement networks from where you can hire a doctor for your clinic in the UAE. In the online placement networks, the doctors who are looking for a job enlist their specifications, abilities, and experience.

On the other hand, people who are looking to recruit medical professionals can post their vacancies. If you are hiring a doctor on the placement network, you need to post about the job and shortlist the candidates who have applied.

It is easier to hire doctors abroad via international healthcare recruitment portals, but you need to follow a rigorous screening process and background checks later.

Doctor Recruitment Marketing

Another way of looking for doctors is through the right professional networks where doctor profiles can be found. You can also post doctor vacancies on your social media sites and on your website.

To be able to attract the best-qualified candidates, clinics will have to design their doctor ads, social media pages, and company profiles in a superlative manner. With the help of doctor staffing agencies, you can make your employer brand more attractive and conduct recruitment drives that lead to connecting with brilliant candidates.

Working With Doctors Abroad International Healthcare Recruitment

If you want to hire doctors from international locations, then you can take the help of global doctor recruitment agencies in Dubai. Hiring doctors abroad via international healthcare recruitment agencies Dubai enables you to quickly find the best-match doctor candidates.

Recruiting doctors from abroad can be a very time-consuming process when your clinic has to manage it on its own. With the help of medical recruitment agencies, you can easily cut down on hiring time and costs.

Posting Jobs on Online Employment Portals

Online portals are a commonly used medium for recruitment. When you post jobs on online employment portals, interested candidates apply for the same. Your clinic will then have to manage the entire recruitment process on its own. This means doctors will have to frequently take time out to screen and analyze applicants and interview numerous candidates.

Looking for Doctors on Sites Such as LinkedIn

There are many sites such as LinkedIn where you can find doctors specializing in a particular medical field in a particular geography. For example, if you search “ French orthopedic surgeons” or “German retina specialists,” you will find a number of profiles in the search list.

The challenge in this method of doctor searching is you have no clue if any of the doctors you select might be the least interested in changing their jobs. They might not even respond to any messages.

On the contrary, when you hire through medical recruitment agencies, you get thoroughly background-checked doctor candidates who are the perfect fit for your position and ready to give their all for your clinic.

Doctor Recruitment Steps

When starting out with the process of recruitment of doctors for your clinic, the following steps should be kept in mind:

1) Prepare a Detailed Doctor Search Criteria – Using All Desired, Traits, Abilities, Experience Parameters

Preparing a detailed list of criteria that should be met by the candidate is an important thing to do. Consider the talents and personality traits that will best match your work environment while hiring doctors for your clinic in the UAE.

The abilities and specifications that you require for your job position should be laid out with utmost precision.

If you are looking for doctors with experience, then how much experience is required, and if no experience is needed for the job, then that should also be predefined.

2) Shortlist Only The Applicants Who Fulfill All Specifications

A doctor’s job is not the one that can have even a margin of error which is why only applicants who are able to fulfill all the specifications should be shortlisted.

Developing the correct criteria requires striking a balance between having high enough requirements to guarantee excellent quality applicants but not being so strict that you are ignoring a lot of eligible individuals unnecessarily.

Do not shortlist candidates if they do not have the key set of skills, as it will only become a problem for you in the interview round. But you should have a clear criteria distinguishing key skill sets and secondary or preferable skill set.

3) Shortlist Five Candidates Per Position

Most individuals have a certain number in mind when it comes to determining the length of their shortlist. For instance, it may take four to six interviews to find one suitable applicant.

Shortlisting five candidates per position is an ideal method while hiring doctors. This allows the interview process to run smoothly and quickly, and the success ratio of getting hiring a candidate out of the shortlisted one is also seen to be positive.

4) Check Backgrounds and Membership in Associations

When you have shortlisted the candidates, before the interviewing process, check for their backgrounds. If the candidates have been employed previously in some medical care facilities, ask for references for the candidate.

This will help you in knowing the doctor you will hire for your clinic on a more personal level. This step should be done before the interview so that you get better insights into the professional skills of the doctor you are interviewing.

5) Invite Top Three Candidates For Digital Consultations and Checking Diagnosis Skills

The last stage is checking the doctors at work. Invite the top three shortlisted candidates for digital consultation. Digital consultation is when a patient speaks about their health issue through an audio or video call. This stage of digital consultation will allow you to assess the diagnosis skills of the doctor.

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