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Indian Companies Hiring in Dubai – Alliance Recruitment Agency

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we work hand-in-hand with thousands of companies in Dubai looking forward to hiring foreign workers and talent professionals across a wide variety of sectors and functional specialties. Since 2010, Alliance headhunters and recruitment consultants have served our clients in Dubai with an implacable dedication to achieve their goals in relation to overseas employee recruitment. Across our talent areas and industry specializations, we aim at delivering a wide range of remote staffing solutions designed to help our client organizations throughout Dubai in meeting their job specifications and hiring requirements.

Unlike other staffing agencies, Alliance focuses on delivering more personalized recruitment services to the specific requirements of your job opportunities. Apart from our customized staffing solutions, we also specialize in a number of sectors and functional areas that our clients in Dubai need the most. Throughout Dubai, we assist Japanese, Indian, and other companies looking forward to hiring in Dubai by connecting them with the ideal candidates in any area of expertise they require. Alliance teams are committed to offering an unparalleled and superior level of distant recruitment services to companies across a wide variety of industries in Dubai.

The Ideal Partner for a Indian Companies Hiring in Dubai

Trusted knowledge comes through hands-on experience and proven ability. Since 2010, Alliance has been trusted by countless companies in Dubai looking forward to hiring foreign workers, to assist them in the recruiting process and locate the ideal candidates of their minds. With our highly skilled recruitment consultants and real-time insights on industry trends, we aim at delivering the candidates that you are looking for with speed, discretion, and lasting results. If you are an employer of an Indian or Japanese company looking forward to hiring foreign workers in Dubai, trust none other than the experts at Alliance Recruitment Agency.

Being in the recruitment and staffing industry in Dubai for over a decade, we have the expertise as well as the resources to help companies achieve their competitive edge, through our thorough market research and analytics that identify and attract superior talent with speed, accuracy and financial benefits. Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency as your preferred remote recruiting partner in Dubai and we guarantee to connect you with the best foreign workers that meet your needs and expectations. Whether you are seeking to recruit a professional in accounting and finance, a tech-savvy IT expert, or a skilled sales personnel, we cover them all.

Assisting Companies in Dubai Hiring Foreign Workers

Contact Alliance and submit a foreign employee staffing request today. One of our account managers will reach out to you with a free-of-charge consultation to discuss your hiring requirements and specifications. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our recruitment consultants and headhunters will never rest until we find the perfect professionals who meet the demands of your vacant positions.

  • Client Requirements Analysis – Unlike other staffing agencies, Alliance recruitment consultants are never in a hurry to check the box and complete the transaction. We will take our time to fully understand what the job entails and help you document a precise job description. We will get into the specifics of the job duties and responsibilities to determine the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Candidate Research and Identification – Our recruitment specialists will integrate technology with intimate knowledge to understand the right candidate that matches your hiring needs and requirements. Based on the outcomes of the research, we will start reaching out to potential candidates through our extensive talent network and online targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Evaluation and Reference Checking – Alliance recruitment consultants will conduct a detailed evaluation and interviewing process to ensure we recruit candidates that match your qualifications, cultural composition, and long term compatibility. Once a group of top candidates has been identified, we will rigorously assess the candidates’ references to confirm the validity of their resumes.
  • Presentation – After thorough interviewing, evaluation, and reference-checking processes, we will provide you with a detailed summary of the finest candidates. We guarantee that the candidates that we deliver meet your skill, qualification, and experience requirements. Apart from that, we will also take measures to ensure that we present the right candidates that match your culture.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we are trusted by Indian and Japanese companies and other international and multinational corporations in Dubai, for hiring high-quality foreign employees. Companies of all sizes and types continually come to Alliance when it comes to recruitment agencies in dubai for foreigners as they are confident that we will always connect them with the best candidates that suit the job.

  • Trusted by Leading Multinationals – Our recruitment consultants and headhunters have been working with established corporations and leading multinational companies throughout Dubai since 2010. Regardless of the type or size of your organization or the nation of the employee that you are looking for, we can connect you with the best candidates that meet your expectations.
  • Industry Focused Divisions – Whether you are looking for a tech-savvy IT professional or an expert in accounting and finance, our industry-specialized recruitment consultants can identify and deliver the best talent in any area of expertise that you require. The talent areas that we recruit include IT, sales, marketing, management, accounting and finance, legal, engineering, and many more.
  • Global Talent Network – Being a leader in the foreign employment industry in Dubai over a decade, we have built an extensive talent network that not only runs in Dubai but across the entire globe. Our talent network consists of highly skilled candidates from various areas of expertise and geographical locations, which enables us to quickly identify and deliver the right candidate for you.