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Indian Maids Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

To hire a professional maid as part of the domestic staff or for your hospitality business, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency in Dubai. We are among the best Indian maids recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Our company has more than 10 years of experience in housemaid recruitment in Dubai. When you partner with us, you work with recruiters who are well aware of the rules and regulations related to Dubai hiring practices. Seamless and safe services are guaranteed!

Alliance Recruitment Agency also helps with background and reference checks to ensure that any candidates we source come with good references and have relevant experience. Our Indian maid recruitment services cover residences, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and restaurants. Hundreds of our Dubai clients vouch for the efficiency of our services. If you are looking for Indian maids recruitment agencies in Dubai, contact us!

Hire the top Indian Maid Recruitment Agency!

Maids who are part of the domestic staff are also given responsibilities to take care of children and elders. Some of the key factors of concerns that employers have are safety, security, and reliability. Here are some points about our services that can reassure you.

Client Safety: A thorough check on previous employment and their references give us a lot of insights into the reliability and security factors associated with a candidate.

Privacy and Confidentiality: We also help design contracts that include points related to breach of client family or business-related privacy.

Thorough Screening and Assessments: The stringent screening and assessment processes we follow ensures that you get efficient and reliable candidates.

Our Services and Expertise

Partner with us for hiring domestic staff! We offer a range of services.

  • Hiring Indian Maids: You might be looking for scullery maids or ones who offer housekeeping support for your residence. You might be a hospitality business owner who requires several maids for cleaning, room services, etc. Whatever your requirement, our c level recruiters will find you the best candidates within a minimum time frame. Thanks to a robust database and access to relevant talent pools, we are able to quickly find great candidates.
  • Hiring Indian Nannies: Our recruiters have experience in sourcing nannies and governesses too. We find the best matches using detailed screening criteria so that every aspect from professionalism and child care to linguistic skills is checked and verified.
  • Hiring Indian Cooks: Let us know what your requirements are with relation to experience, training, type of cuisines, and other details. You will find us reporting back to you with the right candidates within days.
  • Hiring Other Domestic Staff from India: We are among the few Indian maids recruitment agencies in Dubai, with experience in offering services for a range of domestic staff recruitment needs. Whether you need an Indian maid with expertise as a carer for the elderly or an Indian maid who can manage all housekeeping tasks, find the best candidates through our services.

Partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency!

When you partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency, you benefit more!

  • Reach to Maximum Talent: As we have access to a huge database, and a strong online and offline presence, our clients are able to meet best-fit candidates within a short time.
  • Reliability: Alliance Recruitments Agency has been serving individual and business clients in Dubai for over a decade. Our knowledge of local hiring practices, our high client satisfaction rates, and our guarantee of secure sourcing services translates to totally reliable services.
  • Optimized recruitment outcomes: We frame custom recruitment models with a focus on client-specified outcomes. This helps us to source talent with the skills, traits, experience, and expertise that clients value the most.

Submit a recruitment service request! Our team will get back to you within 24 business hours.