Latest 10 CFO Hiring and Staffing Trends in 2023

CFO Hiring and Staffing Trends

Businesses need to be up to date on the newest trends in order to stay competitive in the ever-evolving field of CFO recruiting and staffing.

The top 10 CFO staffing and hiring trends for 2023 will be examined in this blog post.

We’ll go over everything you need to know to put up a successful team of financial professionals, from the emergence of cloud-based solutions to the significance of data analysis.

This is the ideal post for you if you want to remain on top of trends and maximize the upcoming year.

1. A Rise in the Demand for CFOs with Advanced Technical Skills

The business world is evolving quickly, and CFOs are now expected to be computer aware and keep up with the most recent developments.

Due to this, there is a demand for specialist cfo hiring solutions that can offer competent people that are familiar with and skilled in using digital technology to best meet a company’s demands.

Companies should look for individuals who have the ideal combination of technical knowledge and financial background, as well as the ability to recognize outstanding talent rapidly.

A company may locate qualified individuals who can help them use technology and data to make better decisions, increase operational effectiveness, and spur growth by working with the proper CFO staffing provider.

2. Employing CFOs with a Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Businesses may promote a more inviting workplace and ensure they have a varied team of professionals that can contribute to the success of their firm by being proactive about diversity and inclusion during the CFO recruitment process.

The importance of diversity and inclusion has increased across all corporate sectors. Hiring chief financial officers (CFOs) who are passionate about promoting an inclusive environment must be a top focus for businesses.

Employers can achieve this by searching beyond traditional job adverts and utilizing social networking websites like LinkedIn to find and interact with potential candidates who might not be actively seeking employment.

They should work with organizations that are experts in identifying diverse talents, such as the National Association of Black Accountants, Women in Accounting and Finance, and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs.

Lastly, but certainly not least, businesses must focus on creating an excellent onboarding program that stresses inclusiveness and diversity.

3. A Stronger Focus on Business Knowledge and Strategic Thinking

Companies are increasingly looking for chief financial officers (CFOs) that not only have great technical capabilities but also exhibit commercial acumen and strategic thinking in today’s complex business environment.

Businesses are searching for CFOs that can guide them in making data-driven decisions and seeing chances for expansion.

Organizations are concentrating on finding individuals for chief financial officer positions who have the capacity to plan ahead, make educated judgments, and create new strategies to assure success in the long run.

Additionally, people with strong interpersonal abilities, emotional intelligence, and the capacity to lead teams successfully are sought after by employers.

Employers are therefore giving commercial acumen and strategic thinking a high priority when hiring a CFO.

4. CFOs with Foreign Experience are in High Demand

In 2023, there will be a strong demand for CFOs with international experience as companies continue to enter new markets.

These CFOs will be capable of navigating intricate international financial requirements and assisting businesses in entering new markets.

As a result, CFOs will need to have a comprehensive understanding of global finance, including foreign exchange, tax regulations, and legal requirements.

5. Use of Data Analytics for Decision-making by CFOs is on the Rise

In 2023, CFOs will need to be able to leverage data analytics to support business success since they will become more crucial in the fields of finance and accounting.

As firms look to acquire a competitive edge through data-driven decision-making, CFOs with excellent data analytics abilities will be in high demand.

To effectively evaluate and share data insights with other executives, CFOs will therefore need to possess a solid understanding of data analysis tools and processes.

6. Increased Focus on Soft Skills when Selecting CFOs

Along with their technical talents, a variety of soft skills are becoming more and more expected of CFOs. Instead of just being a financial manager, the CFO’s function is evolving to include acting as a company leader and a strategic partner to other C-suite executives.

As a result, softer skills like communication, problem-solving, teamwork, negotiation, and decision-making are being given more weight during the CFO staffing and chief financial officer recruitment processes.

In addition to bringing creativity and innovation to their position, CFOs must be skilled at understanding and managing relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Companies increasingly look for applicants who can demonstrate both the technical knowledge and the soft skills required to fulfill the requirements of the role.

7. More CFOs Coming from Non-traditional Backgrounds

Companies will be more receptive to employing CFOs with non-traditional backgrounds, such as those in marketing, sales, or operations, in 2023, as the typical road to the position has evolved through time.

These CFOs will assist firms in overcoming complicated obstacles by bringing a new perspective to financial decision-making.

The capacity to effectively work with teams from other departments as well as a thorough understanding of business operations and strategy are therefore requirements for CFOs.

8. More Automation and Usage of AI in ccounting and Finance

The world of finance and accounting is developing, and in 2023, CFOs will need to be able to take advantage of emerging technologies to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

CFOs who are well-versed in AI and automation will be able to remain on top of trends and foster innovation within their companies.

This means that CFOs will need to have the skills to manage the adoption and deployment of these technologies as well as the capacity to identify areas where AI and automation may be leveraged to boost productivity.

9. Demand for CFOs with Environmental Experience is Rising

Businesses now prioritize sustainability as a top concern, and by 2023, CFOs will be expected to help lead sustainability initiatives.

CFOs with experience in sustainability will aid A company’s ability to adopt sustainable business practices and lessen its environmental impact.

This means that in order to implement sustainable solutions, CFOs will need to have a thorough awareness of sustainability-related challenges in addition to the capacity to work well with other departments.

10. CFOs with Crisis Management Experience are in more Demand

Businesses will continue to encounter unforeseen difficulties in 2023, including natural disasters, pandemics, and economic downturns.

As companies try to negotiate these difficulties and lessen their effects on financial performance, CFOs with crisis management experience will be in high demand.

The capacity to effectively interact with other executives and stakeholders during times of crisis is therefore a critical talent for CFOs to possess.


In conclusion, as we look ahead to 2023, the landscape for CFO hiring and staffing is radically shifting.

In their search for new chief financial officers, businesses are putting more of a focus on soft skills, diversity and inclusion, commercial acumen, international experience, sustainability, and crisis management.

To manage their money and accounting tasks more effectively, they are also relying on technology like AI and automation.

Organizations will be able to attract the best CFOs and guarantee that their finance departments stay competitive in the future by utilizing these trends. Get in touch with us today and let us help you achieve your goals!