Maid Recruitment Agency Dubai

Full – Time Maid Recruitment Agency In Dubai

With domestic workers in high demand, maid recruitment agencies in Dubai have mushroomed offering different services. But when it comes to excellent services, there are very less housemaid recruitment agencies in Dubai that you can totally trust.. We are among the top quality and 100% reliable household staff recruitment services providers.

Since our major concern is our clients security and privacy, Alliance Recruitment Agency focuses on strict documentation, personal and professional background checks and other details. Our team has been working over 10 years offering housemaid recruitment services in Dubai and several countries in the Middle East as well as other Asian countries. The excellent services and client satisfaction we provide has made us one of the most trusted maid recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Apart from recruitment of maids, we also help our clients hire other household staff such as nanny, babysitters, janitors or cleaners, pet care maids, chefs and cooks, and housekeepers. We offer services for residences, schools, hospitals, hotels, resorts, restaurants and offices. We operate in both the modes- offline and online.

Our team also connects with many training centers where housemaids, nanny and housekeepers are trained professionally. If you are looking for housemaid recruitment agencies in Dubai, get in touch with one of the best-Alliance Recruitment Agency.

Find the Best Maid Recruitment Agency in Dubai

There are a number of local and unauthorized recruitment agencies providing full-time and part-time maid without following a strict documentation process. But if any agency does not go for professional and personal background reference checks, the services they provide can lead to undesirable outcomes. Considering clients safety, privacy and requirements, our maid recruitment agency in Dubai has a dedicated team for conducting thorough checks.

We also help you hire nannies, cooks, housekeepers, care-givers, home nurses, gardeners, babysitters and several other household helpers. The candidate qualifies for an interview with you only when they submit all required documents and have completed our screening processes. We also help with background checks through reference checks with previous employers and recommendations. We have designed our interview processes keeping in mind a very thorough screening and assessment methodology. Before finalizing, we also schedule a couple of interaction and interview sessions with clients. We provide end-to-end recruitment services and that has made us the best housemaid recruitment agency in Dubai. Our recruiters put a lot of effort into finding household staff who are reliable and efficient. If you are looking for a maid for your house or office then get in touch with us and hire an experienced professional housemaid in Dubai.

How Our Housemaid Recruitment Agencies in Dubai Works

There are a number of housemaid recruitment agencies in Dubai, but there are only few which follow the right steps and strategies while hiring. Alliance Recruitment Agency has worked over more than a decade and delivered quality services. The reason is we have a huge network, experienced team, right strategies and industry experience. Our housemaid recruitment agency in Dubai has served more than hundreds of clients in Dubai and Middle-Eastern countries. The authentic and unique way of operation makes us different from other housemaid recruitment agencies in Dubai. Here is a brief on the steps followed.

  • Understand Client’s Requirement: Before moving to the recruitment process, we emphasize on noting down every detailed requirement of our client. As we provide recruitment for different housekeepers from different backgrounds, we suggest the best solutions only after clients share their requirements.
  • Reach to Professional and Experienced Candidates: To ensure the recruited candidate performs well, we only reach out to the professional and experienced active candidates. We also have connections with training organizations where housemaids are being trained for different job roles.
  • Detail Screening and Interview: While shortlisting candidates, we ask them to submit a set of documentation. To study their psychology, our team has designed a set of questions which also facilitates our screening process. We arrange a set of interviews between the client and candidates after the screening is completed from our side.
  • Background Verification: This is a crucial step which many maid recruitment agencies in Dubai skip. But our team checks all the past and present work history of candidates. We also connect with previous employers to take note of behavioural aspects.
  • Follow Documentation: To avoid any confusions in future, we document everything from both the parties. This will include past work history, remuneration, identity proofs, contracts and other details.

Our Maid Recruitment Agency-Advantages:

Hiring household staff is often very tricky as well as a time consuming job. It is also difficult to find household maids that are reliable and heavily recommended for the quality of their work and dedication. But with the help of Alliance Recruitment Agency, you will be able to hire household staff who are reliable and come with great references.

We have a fast response time. When you submit a maid recruitment request for your house, villa, mansion or your commercial space, you will be sure to find a timely response from one of our housemaid recruitment team members.

Reliability is a key factor when you leave your kids or elders in the care of domestic staff. With our services, it is easier to connect with reliable, friendly and background-checked housemaids and other household staff.

Our services are cost-effective and comprehensive. We will help you frame contracts, negotiate monetary terms, and also help household staff find homes where they are comfortable to work.