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Global Medical Recruitment Agency-Dubai

Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the most competent medical recruitment agencies in Dubai. We provide medical recruitment services to meet almost the entire scope of healthcare manpower needs. We also have specialised teams for hospital IT recruitment in Dubai. If you are looking to open a new hospital in Dubai, you will find us capable of meeting all your staffing and recruitment needs, from top management levels to doctor and nurses recruitment and all clinical, administrative position hiring.

Why Alliance Recruitment Agency

Whether you are looking to fill up an immediate position or looking for long term staffing assistance for your hospital or medical institute, we help you find the best talents working in the sector.

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Complete Hospital Medical Recruitment in Dubai

When it comes to medical recruitment, we help you hire general physicians, specialists such as cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologist, pulmonologists, oncologists, obstetricians, and pediatricians as well as radiologists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists, among others. We also assist in hiring nursing professionals from diverse areas of specialities such as emergency room nurse, endoscopy nurse, medical surgery nurse, oncology nurse, pediatric nurse to name some of the positions.

We are a global medical recruitment agency with Dubai being one of our important locations in the Middle East .

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Looking for Medical Recruitment Experts?

Benefit from the best medical recruitment services to hire highly talent professionals, including doctors, nurses, allied medical staff, and assistance.

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Specialized Medical Recruiters in Dubai

Nurse Recruitment:

Our team of medical recruiters helps you find the most competent Registered Nurses, Nurses with a bachelor’s degree in an area of speciality, licensed nurses for medical and surgical wards, Home Health and Hospice Nurses, to name some of the positions.

Clinical Recruitment:

We help you find the best professionals in imaging, therapy, pharmacy, laboratory, and various other healthcare specialties.

Clinic Staff Recruitment:

Find competent professionals to staff clinics and small private hospitals.

Specialized Medical Recruitment:

We help you connect with registered, certified Occupational Therapists & Assistants, Physical Therapists & Assistants, Audiologists, Counselors and Psychiatrists.

When you partner with our medical recruitment agency in Dubai, you are sure to be totally satisfied with your hiring decisions.

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Go-To Medical Recruitment Agency in Dubai

Alliance Recruitment Agency is your one stop solution when looking for medical recruitment agencies in Dubai. Being the go-to medical recruitment agency in Dubai, we help clients connect with the best healthcare professionals to fill positions across divisions. Our team of highly experienced medical recruiters listen, understand, and cater to your specific medical recruitment needs. Ranging from part-time, temporary and permanent workers, to per diem and direct placement, we take care of it all, and provide an all-encompassing medical recruitment service.

Wide Coverage-Healthcare Staffing in Dubai

Alliance Recruitment agency provides a broad spectrum of medical recruitment services to help you find the specific skills and expertise you need for long-term success in your healthcare enterprise. We help you meet the increasing patient demands and industry standards through an appropriation of your workforce, with the best talents in the medical and healthcare industry across a range of areas.

Our medical recruitment agency in Dubai also offers manpower recruitment services for hiring Pharmacists, Pharmacy technicians, Perfusionists, Bio Technologists, Clinical Research Staff and for various other technical roles.

Global Medical Recruitment Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been chosen for the top-class medical recruitment agencies in Dubai and all across the world. We have been serving several clients all around the world and in Dubai, some of whom are the top names in the manpower consultancy. We have been chosen time and again for our efficient, prompt, and reliable services optimized for the specific needs of each individual client.

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  • Team of highly experienced and expert medical recruiters who help find the best healthcare professionals for every division
  • Largest database of the most competent, talented, and qualified healthcare professionals all across the globe
  • Prompt, reliable and timely solutions and services
  • Complete and comprehensive background analysis of each candidate, screening, and all relevant hiring procedures conducted

Contact Alliance Recruitment Agency right now, for the best medical recruitment services in Dubai.

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