Personal chefs In UAE: How to hire, How much do they cost — and are they worth it?

How to Hire Personal Chefs In UAE

A personal chef is the one who understands your needs and handles your kitchen, keeping your dietary habits in mind. Hiring a personal chef who can understand your kitchen can be daunting. It takes time, money, and lots of effort to hire the one who has skills and whom you can trust. Find out the right insights into personal chef services in this blog.

UAE residents are surrounded by diverse cultures and tastes. This diversity makes it so challenging to host a dinner party or lunch. Hosting a party without a chef can be considered the most tedious and troublesome task you have ever come across.
When you have to manage all the meal planning, grocery shopping, ingredient hunting, and cooking on your own, you would be spending more time tired and frustrated.

Modern problems need a modern solution. Instead of cooking in the kitchen while your family is partying or spending their time pursuing a hobby, what if you spend time as you wish and let someone else take care of cooking?

The solution is the hiring of personal chef services. Hire a personal chef who has the knowledge and expertise in the kind of culinary experience you are planning for your family and guests.

But it’s not that simple to find a personal chef who fulfills all your expectations. If you are pondering about how to hire a personal chef in the UAE, this blog is all you need to get started and find the best chef in Dubai within your budget.

Yes, the budget and the costs would be the foremost factor in your mind. Here’s a general idea to guide you.

Costs of Hiring Personal Chefs in the UAE

Daily Wages For Routine Work:

Personal home chefs usually offer services at an hourly rate, which could start from AED 65 per hour. It is, however, not possible to quote even a ballpark range for personal cooks. The charges of an Indian home chef vary from that of a British or a Chinese personal chef.

Salary for Live-In Cooks:

A live-in cook takes responsibility starting from diet to buying glossaries and even post-cooking clean-ups. The one who takes care of the demands of each and every member of the house. Who lives with the family as the housing member. The salaries may vary from AED 3000 to AED 3500 per month.

Costs of Hiring Reputed Private Chefs

As per the recent data, an average price for a private chef may cost AED 400 to AED 500 per person. For 8-12 guests, the per head costs reduce to range between $250 to $300.

Costs of Hiring Speciality Cuisine Personal Chefs

A reputed private chef may charge high for specialized services that require complex culinary skills and knowledge of rarely-available recipes. The reason behind such high value is the brand they have created. On average, they may charge AED 500 to AED 700 per person.

Costs of Hiring Personal Chefs For Grand Occasions

The personal chef is the one who offers home cooking services. They offer services to different people at different times. The one who takes care of everything and is responsible for all the activities, including the menu, grocery, and cleaning.

The charges depend on the number of persons and time required to prepare and serve. On average, for the occasion, including 15-20 people, the chef may charge AED 100 to AED 200 per person. The personal chef would require that you offer most of the equipment and ingredients for the cooking.

How To Hire Personal Chefs in the UAE

1. Make a Checklist of Requirements

To hire a chef Dubai, the very first step is to make a checklist of recruitment. Prepare criteria for chef hiring, including all the basic details; whether you want to hire a personal chef or a live-in chef, or a part-time cook. What type of food do you want him or her to prepare, and what other basics are you looking for.

2. Reach Out to An Established Chef Recruiter

After preparing the criteria, you should start to see the recruiter who can help you find a personal chef who meets all your requirements and preferences. Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the Recruitment Agencies in Oman with more than 11 years of experience. The agency has over 11 years of experience serving as a chef recruiter.

3. Specify Time, Costs, Duties, and Other Requirements

Be very clear and precise about our requirements. For example, if you are looking for an Indian cook, would you need a cook from Chennai with experience in ethnic Tamil cuisine or someone who specializes in Punjabi or Gujarati cuisine.

Similarly, if you want to hire a private chef for an occasion, what is the menu that you have in mind, the number of people for whom food needs to be prepared, etc. You would have a minimum and maximum range for a budget. Sticking to a figure might put you off the list of many chefs or personal chef service providers

4. Find a List of Shortlisted Personal Chefs

According to the criteria you have specified to the recruiter, the personal chef recruiter will reach out to the best-matched ones and find out who all are available to work for you.

Based on the shortlisted chefs provided by the agency, you will be able to find out what types of service charges are requested by different chefs and what would be the best choice for your scenario.

5. Get Assistance With Background and Reference Checks

It is highly recommended to conduct background checks before you hire a personal chef. In the case of hiring a private chef for an occasion, you might not need a thorough background check if the chefs are known and already employed at a reputed place. It is, however, good to trace the career of chefs who are not very well-known.

A chef recruiter such as Alliance Recruitment Agency is able to track background through detailed reference checks, documentation checks, and other verification of personal records shown by the chef.

6. Arrange Interviews With Ease

The recruitment agency arranges the interviews with the chefs selected by you, where you can finally discuss the terms and conditions. You can also discuss the payment and period of time. Well-established recruitment agencies like Alliance Recruitment agency arrange the client chef interaction with ease and help both the parties to decide.

7. Find Quick Replacements When Required

The most hectic task is to find the last-minute replacement if the chef has canceled his service appointment due to a family emergency or an accident.

When you hire a personal chef or private chef through a chef recruitment agency like Alliance Recruitment Agency, you will be able to find a quick replacement without having to worry about searching for other chefs.


Personal chef services could go a long way in making homeowners enjoy a good time at home without having to constantly manage cooking and cleaning.

Find a personal chef without hassles and without having to spend hours searching and verifying so many details to make a good hiring decision. With the help of chef recruiters, you will be able to hire a personal chef who has not only the skills, knowledge, and experience you seek but is from the right background and has the behavioural traits you appreciate.

Also, when it comes to the cost of personal chef services, a chef recruiter can get you services of the chef who is ideal for your requirements at a remarkably less cost than you would have imagined. This is because an experienced and reliable chef recruiter has already connected with and known thousands of chefs, and are able to quickly find out the ones who offer services at your budget.

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