Private, Personal Chefs in the UAE: What They Do and Why You Need One

What Private and Personal Chefs Do in UAE

Are you considering hiring a private or personal chef but not sure whether it would be a good decision for you? Are you worried about the risks of hiring an unknown, unqualified chef? If you are looking for a chef in the UAE and would like to totally ensure that the individual has the right skills, experience, certifications, and the required permits to work in the emirates, this blog could be of huge help to you. Finding a reliable, good-natured, professional “home-cooking” chef who knows everything about the cuisine you prefer at your home is not easy – you need to get the facts right before you start hiring one.  


Hiring a chef for your home is usually something to look forward to. You would want to hire someone who can make all the dishes you love in addition to the daily meals your family enjoys. Finding a chef who prepares amazing food that you relish makes life much more interesting. There is something to look forward to every day! 

As interesting as that sounds, you are also wary, as the UAE is home to 200+ nationalities, with thousands of people eager to seek employment in the emirates. 

Although the country is very strict with its norms about immigration, there are still people out there who might not have done it right. If you are looking for a chef in the UAE, you would never want to hire such an individual, however good the food he or she prepares. But how do you verify such matters?

In addition, there are laws, regulations and norms and customs that align with the unique Arabian culture. There are huge cultural and legal differences between the UAE and the home countries of various inhabitants. You would not want to hire anyone with a bad record or with suspicious intent. 

So what is the solution – how do you ensure hiring a reliable, safe, excellent ‘home-cooking chef” in the UAE?

If you are looking for a chef in the UAE, one of the easiest, safest and most effective ways to hire a chef Dubai is through an established recruitment agency. Many people search “chef agency near me” to find one. It is, however, important to hire the services of a chef recruiter who is 100% reliable. 

It is also necessary to understand the different terms so that you do not get confused about whom to search and hire. Also, find out what are hiring models you can choose that are within your budget.

The Different Kinds of Chefs: Private Chef, Personal Chef, Others

When you think of hiring a chef for a household, you come across the terms private and the personal chef a lot. Many of us think the terms mean the same. If you are searching for a “home-cooking chef in the UAE,” you will definitely want to decide between a personal chef, private ones and highly specialized professionals offering private and personal chef services, as occasions demand.

Private Chef:

A private chef is someone who works for a single client. They are the chefs that stay at your home during the day for the hours fixed and prepare meals for you as per the menu mutually agreed. They will be paid on the basis of the volume of work and the number of people for whom they cook and serve food.

Live-In Private Cook:

A live-in “home-cooking chef” in the UAE will be part of your domestic staff. He or she will be entitled to a monthly salary.

The employment agencies in Dubai norms also indicate certain benefits that an employer has to offer to a live-in, private home chef. These include certain minimum hours of rest per day, paid vacation per year, medical leave, meals at the employer’s expense, decent accommodation, etc.

These chefs are perfectly suitable for large households where more than one private Live-in home chef are hired. 

If you have several members in your household who need particular food as per a fixed schedule throughout the day and for evenings and night in keeping with their medical needs or other matters, hiring a Live-in private chef might turn out to be very beneficial. 

Personal Chef:

A personal chef serves many different clients or households. Personal chefs have their working schedules. You decide the timings for your home and pay them as per their rates. It could be charged on an hourly basis or based on the quality of food to be prepared and related work to be done. 

Qualified Chef Professionals Offering Private or Personal Chef Services:

There are highly qualified chef professionals who offer the services of a personal or private chef for a day, a weekend, or more days. They are mostly hired for special occasions such as family events or formal dinners at home. 

The Benefits of Hiring a “Home-Cooking Chef” in the UAE

Are you someone who is used to entertaining a lot at home? Parties and get-togethers for friends and family, kitty parties, formal lunch and dinner parties, etc. – are these part of your monthly schedules? 

In many modern households in the UAE, women and men have their own social, professional, and personal engagements and do not find enough time to get the meals on time. So when there is a dinner party to be arranged or a celebration event at home, doing almost all the cooking on your own sounds wearisome. What if you spend quality time with your friends and family and somebody else does all the cooking on your behalf? 

The benefits of hiring a chef are many:-

1. Get Dinner Parties Arranged Without Hassles

Want to invite your friends or colleagues to dinner parties? But nervous about the headache it will cause you. Almost everybody gets cold feet when it comes to organizing dinner parties or a Sunday brunch. Apart from how much fun they sound, it requires a week of preparation that includes preparing a guest list, deciding menus, and getting the ingredients. 

Above all other work is the tremendous responsibility of getting the food cooked in the right manner. This is the time when you search “chef agency near me” to hire a private chef for the occasion. Almost all your troubles are over when you find the right chef.

The menu is enhanced with dishes in consideration of allergens, health issues, etc., of various guests; a great style is added through choice titbits, appetizers, accompaniments, and desserts. Getting the ingredients also becomes easy as you could let the chef’s team handle the work. When you hire a professional chef, you also benefit from the high standards that they adhere to in terms of quality, texture, presentation, etc. 

Your dinner parties become something that you and the guests would remember as an amazing experience. 

2. Make Mealtimes Happier – No stress over who will cook next and what

What is the most common reason young working couples fight over? Any guesses? It is all about doing chores and, most importantly, cooking meals. 

Let’s just accept the fact that in this present scenario, ordering food from takeaways or restaurants every day is not a good option. If you or your partner is not good at cooking, then breakfast and dinners get on your nerves. 

When you hire a personal chef, a great one who can cook super delicious meals every day in keeping with your healthy lifestyle, you might feel all the routine stress disappearing from within you. There will be no fights related to cooking and food. You only look forward to each meal and enjoy the food.

3. Get Dishes the Way You Prefer

Are you in a position where you have members in your household who are very selective about food? Do you have a family with members from different nationalities, and each one is very particular about how food is cooked, the particular taste they think is essential to a dish? Well, having a family party might seem like one of the most wearisome and challenging tasks, but not when hiring a personal chef.

Your Arabian dishes will have the exact flavor, aroma, and taste that a family member always insists on, or your French or Indian dishes will be prepared just the way they should be.

4. Great Help for Home Events – Celebrations and Business Dinners

Home events could be beautiful, and when they are for celebrations such as wedding anniversaries or birthdays or a baby shower, everyone in your immediate and extended family will be there. How do you ensure that your home event is something that is memorable and fun without taking tons of time cooking the right food? 

This is when you benefit immensely by hiring a professional chef who offers private chef services for a fixed number of hours. Whether you have an Arabian theme, a Lebanese one, or an American one, you could easily find the best chef with exceptional skills in the cuisine you prefer when you find a “chef agency near me” service, provider.

A professional chef also offers services such as that of servers and kitchen assistants to clean and clear water. They can also get you some of the special ingredients that are not always available at the store nearby. 

5. Excellent Management of Grocery

Grocery, provisions, and food shopping for the family is what most homeowners do on a daily or weekly basis. Homeowners with a busy schedule have no time to enjoy going out to grocery stores and order most things through an app or online stores. But when you hire a personal chef who offers services such as getting the grocery and provisions for the food to be prepared, you will feel tons better. 

When you get such work done through a personal chef, you definitely become more aware of the costs and explore opportunities to stick to a certain budget. Personal chefs with a lot of experience also know the places from where many ingredients could be bought at budget prices. 

6. Get More Time to Work on Alternative Careers Than in the Kitchen

This is true especially for women with family responsibilities that they hardly get time to pursue a dream or activities that are of huge interest to them. Many women who found themselves eager to pursue a business idea, start a hobby class and participate in one, or learn something and work part-time have searched “chef agency near me” to get a “home-cooking chef” in the UAE. Someone who could take on hours of kitchen work. Once you hire a private or personal chef, you will have sufficient time to focus on alternative career options. 

7. More Cost-Effective Compared to Frequent “Dining Out.”

When was the last time you ordered food from a restaurant or a takeaway or went out for dinner, tea, coffee, brunch, or lunch? How many times do you do that in a week or month? Do you keep the bills and make a record of the money spent? All these questions would definitely make a lot of people very uncomfortable. 

The uncomfortable feeling could be because they are gaining a lot of pounds which they do not really want to, or are becoming prone to health issues due to unhealthy food habits. 

If you are already spending several thousand dirhams just to get special food, why not hire a personal chef? You get more delicious food without having to worry about health issues. If you search “chef agency near me” who could offer you services of several personal “home-cooking chefs” in the UAE for specific days of the week, you could enjoy a variety of cuisine in the comfort of your home. 

8. Leave Kitchen Work to the Experts – Invest your time in what you can do best

Are you someone with several kids and the elderly to take care of? How much time do you spend working in the kitchen-cutting, chopping, grinding, cooking, baking, cleaning and more cleaning? If you have the ability to do something that gives you a source of income and a lot of satisfaction, why not hire a personal or private chef to manage the cooking and use the time to realize your talent and potential? 

Hire Home Chefs Through Alliance Recruitment Agency

1. Hire a Reliable Professional Within Days

If you hire a chef on your own, the process takes months. And even if you get lucky to find one in weeks, you are also not sure if he or she is skilled enough to handle all your parties and get-togethers. But when you choose to go with a recruitment agency, you will save yourself a lot of time. 

Our agency has a vast database of chef talent pools. We have active connections with chef communities and thousands of chefs with different specializations, experience, certifications and from different regions of the world. You will be able to hire a reliable chef with the skills and experience you need within days!

2. Hire Background-checked Chefs

A background check can become a headache if you hire a chef on your own. You might also not have the time and the resources to check documents and papers and verify those are authentic. You also might not know how to verify the references provided by the chef. 

Our agency has experts to conduct background checks, reference checks and documents checks. You will be able to hire a chef who has the skills, knowledge and ability to cook perfectly right for your home, someone with a good record and with authentic papers.

3. Easy Replacement If the Chef Has to Leave

Finding a chef at the last moment can be a scary task. Even if you know someone, they will demand a tremendous amount of money to cook food.

When you hire a chef through our recruitment agency, it is easier to manage replacements.

4. Easy to Find A Chef with the Skills, Experience, and Competency You Prefer

Most chef recruiters are good at finding you cooks and domestic staff for the kitchen. When it comes to hiring a personal chef or a professional private chef or a live-in chef with the right set of culinary skills, certifications, experience and competencies, you need an agency like ours instead of any “chef agency near me” service provider.

We have extensive experience in chef hiring and have helped corporates, restaurants, hotels, and various hospitality businesses find a great chef, the best-suited per their requirements. Similarly, we also have a huge talent pool of “home-cooking” chefs in the UAE from diverse nationalities and with various specializations. 

Whether you need a Sushi Japanese cook for your home or an Italian chef, finding one that earns your respect will be easier when you hire our services. 

5. No Searching and Assessment Hassles – Interview, try out a few dishes, hire

You don’t have to go through the time-consuming procedure of searching, calling, organizing interviews, and all. 

Our chef recruiter will consult with you, make a detailed list of all your requirements and preferences, and prepare an appropriate search and selection approach, and source your candidates that are best suited for your home. All you have to do is interview them, ask each to prepare the dishes to test his or her skills, and when you find the very best one, we help you complete the hiring process really soon.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency

We are a global manpower agency offering UAE residents chef recruitment services for a decade. We help you hire a chef from within the UAE or outside through 100% correct procedure. Every chef hired through our agency will be thoroughly background-checked. For safe, secure, reliable, and satisfying chef hiring, we are your best choice. Connect with us if you are looking for a chef in the UAE