7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Offshore Recruitment Processes

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Offshore Recruitment Processes

Offshore recruitment process or Offshore RPO stands for onsite company processes outsourced to an external agency and conducted in another country where talent availability for required manpower is higher. Hiring from such locations gives several competitive advantages: less time to hire, scalability, productivity, 24/7 operations, etc.

Offshore recruitment processes have received widespread recognition and are considered to be the best way to hire manpower resources for managing changing volumes of projects or customer orders, hiring professionals with specialized skills for short-term or ongoing projects, and expanding business.

Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Three Key Models

Offshore recruitment process outsourcing, also known as global recruiting, is the practice of contracting with a company to find and recruit candidates to fill jobs in your company. There are three key offshore RPO models that are widely used.

Project-Based Offshore RPO

Offshore recruitment processes, such as Project-Based Offshore RPO, can be a great solution for your business. It enables you to leverage RPO to find manpower for a particular project or new division, or branch or to fill hard-to-fill positions for particular practice areas. The offshore RPO provider with large talent access can source vetted, background-checked candidates within days and help fill vacancies with 60%-80% time savings using chosen staffing models.

Full RPO For Offshore Units/Teams

Full RPO is about outsourcing the end-to-end recruitment process to meet temp, contractual, or long-term staffing needs. Recruiting from overseas results in improved talent acquisition management as you are able to find talent from around the world, which means you can find qualified talent from anywhere on time to fulfill ambitious business plans.

Hybrid RPO For Offshore Manpower Recruitment

Sometimes, you do not want to invest in maintaining, expanding, and monitoring a large HR team with 10-15 talent acquisition members. You might want to outsource talent sourcing, applicant management, and selection. The internal coordination for interviews and offer letters of selected candidates could be assigned to the internal recruiters. Hybrid RPO is a model that allows you to assign certain activities or recruitment processes to a capable third-party recruitment agency.

Why Choose Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing your recruitment process to an experienced offshore recruiter will save you both time and money. Most importantly, an outsourced agency has the international networks and expertise to find and screen potential candidates that fit your needs. What’s more, these firms are already experts in their field – they know what to look for.

Find out seven key reasons to choose offshore recruitment process outsourcing!

Greater Access To Talent in Offshore Locations

First and foremost, you’ll have access to a higher volume of talent. More specifically, offshore recruitment process outsourcing helps you attract qualified professionals from offshore locations where the talent availability is huge, but labor costs are low. For instance, hospitals, IT companies, pharmaceutical companies, engineering service companies, and energy sector companies find it difficult to meet talent needs from one country or location when they need to expand projects or operations.

Second, if your company needs people with highly specialized skills, you need to source them from wherever it is possible and cannot wait for the local market to come up with the right talent. Some examples are highly-skilled ballistics engineers, medical professionals with rare specializations, faculties or teaching staff for specific fields, expert IT and software professionals, and elite chefs specializing in ethnic cuisines.

Expertise in Hiring For Different Practice Areas And Teams

For managing offshore recruitment process outsourcing, it becomes difficult to have local recruiters with wide talent networks and experience in specific offshore locations.

You would need an established, competent offshore RPO company that has industry-specific or practice-area-specific recruitment consultants. Whether it is finance, engineering, product design, architecture, hospitality, or healthcare, industry-specialized recruiters are able to deliver on recruitment goals with higher efficiency.

Wide Knowledge Of Hiring Practices And Rules in Offshore Locations

An offshore staffing agency has the benefit of having a wide knowledge of hiring practices and rules in the locations it operates. They understand more about the region’s cultural differences, manpower consultancy, legal compliance needs, and other matters that are essential for recruiting from the target locations. An offshore recruiting company is worth its weight in gold if you need to find expert talent quickly.

Find Background-Checked And Vetted Professionals (Reduce Recruitment Risks

With every hire, it is important to take precautions to make sure you’re getting the best candidate for the job. Conducting a background check and employment history check can help you avoid hiring someone with bad or poor records or a lack of relevant abilities. When hiring from global locations, it is best to partner with a competent offshore RPO company that sources you vetted and background-checked professionals having the key skills, abilities, and experience to perform well.

Lower Offshore Manpower Recruitment Time and Costs

Moving to an offshore team will give you access to a wider range of talent with varying skill sets than what may be available in your country. Offshore recruiting often allows companies to hire more quickly and for less money because they do not have to spend as much on overhead. An international sourcing strategy also means better candidate quality, which is key from the perspective of hiring managers.

Improve Talent Retention at Offshore Locations

An offshore RPO provider will be able to design the approach and talent sourcing and hiring in a manner that attracts and retains talent. Also, offshore RPO providers help you hire through models and contracts that help ensure talent retention for the desired period.

Make Offshore Recruitment Fast And Efficient

It is a huge challenge and resource-intensive to manage offshore hiring using your in-house recruiters. From cultural differences to lack of knowledge of hiring practices in chosen locations, a lot of bottlenecks crop up. Offshore hiring is best left to a reliable, efficient offshore RPO agency with a proven track record. Doing so will ensure cost and time efficiency.


An offshoring recruitment process will save you time and money. If you are interested in starting or expanding your own business, it’s not the time to compromise on quality. With the right offshore RPO partner, your company can benefit from better talent availability, higher productivity, better talent retention, and enormous cost advantages. Find an offshore RPO partner that can enable these advantages for your organization.

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