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Start your own recruitment business while ensuring profits and a 100% ROI!

You only need a low-cost investment. Running an Alliance Recruitment Agency franchise business gives you a sure-fire opportunity to earn a substantial income.

About Alliance Recruitment Agency Franchise Network

We are a global business offering a broad range of manpower sourcing, HR consultancy, staffing and recruitment, and outsourcing support services. Over 11+ years, we have established a presence in countries across four continents, completing around 20,000 recruitment projects.

Our recruitment franchise solutions include feasibility studies, business strategy and operations management support, marketing and recruitment support, branding support, and much more. Through the expert guidance of our franchise consultants, you will be able to easily select the franchising model that best suits your abilities and strengths.

To become the best recruitment franchise or rank among the best staffing franchises, all you need is experience in managing recruitment, good industry insights, and a strong business acumen. With the support of our agency, you could set up a successful low-cost recruitment franchise business or an international recruitment franchise.

Our Recruitment Agency Franchise Solutions

Types of Recruitment Franchise Business Opportunities

1. Local or Region-based Recruitment Agency Franchise

You could be based in the Middle East, South Asia, India or anywhere in Europe, North Americas or Africa. Based on the area of your operations, you will be offering services to local and regional clients. You will be able to leverage the Alliance Recruitment Agency market strengths, network, talent pool access, and brand recognition and develop your business as one the best staffing franchises or best recruitment franchises in your region of operations.

2. Global or International Recruitment Agency Franchise

If you have international recruitment experience with a great proven track record in global placements, Alliance Recruitment Agency will enable you to launch an international recruitment agency franchise.

You do not have to worry about laws, regulations, compliance, operations setup procedures, etc. Our experts offer training, guidance, and extensive support for all these matters, as they are well-conversant with the various laws and operating environment in numerous countries.

3. Low-Cost Recruitment Franchise

You could launch a low-cost recruitment franchise when you want to invest less in physical infrastructure and focus more on digital and virtual resources. This business option is ideal for highly experienced recruitment consultants who want to set up their business with very less capital.

Types of Solutions and Support Provided to Setup and Strengthen Your Business

1. Training and Expert Guidance To

  • Launch an agency
  • Acquire technical expertise
  • Manage operations and back-office activities such as payroll processing, legal and compliance functions

2. Operations Support Through

  • Assistance with database management, requirement management, reporting, people management, etc.
  • Invoicing and payment collections management
  • Advisory solutions for running your operations, including business development, delivery, finance, manpower issues, etc.
  • Expert ongoing marketing and business development guidance and assistance
  • Operations cost optimization

3. Advisory Support for Infrastructure Management

  • Technical and Technology Infrastructure
  • Office Layout Planning
  • Resource Management

4. Support With Recruitment Activities

  • Access to several recruitment software and the online database used by our company
  • Guidance to drive manpower sourcing activities
  • Access to job portals and other similar resources
  • Continual guidance on recruitment management for business success

Benefits of Our Solutions

  • 100% return on investment likely in the first year itself
  • Ability to gain 2X more revenues
  • Support with leads generation and sales management
  • Increased income generation sources through renewals and related services
  • Increasing customer base – through our extended support in recruitment management
  • Low-cost, lean and seamless recruitment operations management
  • Access to our real-time technology support without much investment
  • Become a market leader within a short time

Get-Set-Go Model – Quick ROI

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Global and Local Strengths

Our 11+ years of establishing connections with millions of candidates and 10,000+ clients, access to global and local talent pools across geographies, and deep market knowledge of global and local hiring practices across industries – these are some of the strengths that will help you build a successful recruitment business.

Strong Network

Finding customers, sourcing manpower, and establishing rich business relationships becomes easy when you join our network.

Expert Guidance

Our industry experts guide you through the entire process of setting up and running a successful recruitment business. You also get sales-qualified leads, referrals, and many other means of increasing your customer base.

Comprehensive Support

From training of your recruiters to sharing of centralized resources and technology, and operations and sales support, you get comprehensive assistance that enable you to offer superior services and drive business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much business can we expect every month?

A. You can expect a minimum of 8-10 positions for various roles. In case you show us the good capability of handling more work, we will be happy to share more work with you. The more results you provide, the more it keeps us motivated to consistently increase your portfolio of work.

Q. Will you be giving us domestic or international clients to serve?

A. We have different franchise packages for domestic and international clientele.

Q. Which industries do you cater to?

A. We cater to all industries; working with any particular industry preference is not a constraint.

Q. Will you offer training?

A. Yes, of course. We offer a 2-day intensive practical training workshop. This training program will consist of theory and practical training sessions. The training will focus on the Business Development, Operations, Recruitment, and Administrative part of the Franchise Business.

Q. What is your service fee?

A. Our service fees start from 8.33% of the Gross Annual CTC Of the Candidate and go up to 16.33% of the Gross Annual CTC Of the Candidate, depending on the profile and contract with the client. This is payable to us after 30 days of the joining date of the candidate.

Q. Do we work at less than 8.33%?

A. Preferably not. However, if a franchise wants to work at a lower rate, then we are open. It is sometimes beneficial for you to work at lower rates because you do not have too many overhead costs.

Q. Will I get enough work?

A. Keeping you idle is a loss for us. We will ensure you have enough work.