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As one of the leading recruitment firms in Dubai we understand the importance of employing a professionally trained and highly qualified workforce. Our dedicated team of experienced recruitment consultants are just a few clicks away from assisting you with your recruitment campaigns and tasks. By sending us an email or a request online, you get to make your recruitment experience the best ever in terms of candidate contact, interviews, assessments and overall reporting and management.

Our services are comprehensive and include candidate sourcing, executive search, graduate recruitment and talent search, global headhunting, offshore recruitment and many more. Our clients include diverse organizations from various sectors such as financial services, education, healthcare and medical services, hospitality, media and publishing, engineering and construction, manufacturing and distribution, sales and retail, among others. We believe in collaborative partnerships with our clients where we consider us successful when our partners succeed in achieving their recruitment goals on time and in the most optimized manner.

We are one of the Top Recruitment Firms in Dubai

We provide fast and efficient services to our clients. Our methodologies, assessment and selection methods ensure that we choose the right professionals who can add value to your company or organizations.

  • Needs Analysis: We frame our recruitment action plans based on a systematic needs analysis of the positions, and in making most relevant role descriptions.
  • Candidate Search and Profile Matches: Our strong and rich internal database of registered and our access to various external sources of candidate information ensure that you get to meet candidates from rich talent pools.
  • Candidate Screening: We have in place a range of great technology tools as well as advanced techniques for candidate screening so that we filter and track professionals that are the best fit for your organization.
  • Interview Support: From scheduling interviews and timely management of various records and scores, we make the entire interview processes very easy to manage at your end.
  • Negotiations: Our recruiters in Dubai are also excellent at negotiatons on your behalf on matters such as benefits, salary, etc.

Alliance Recruitment Firm, Dubai

We are a complete recruitment agency. That means we provide assistance with temp recruitment, permanent recruitment, virtual recruitment, contractual and project-based recruitment, expat recruitment, among others.

Our executive search services help you find not only subject matter specialists and senior management positions but also top level professionals such as a CTO, CFO, COO, CSO and also CEO. Alliance is among the leading recruitment firms in Dubai which also offers solutions for hiring management consultants, technology consultants and various industry experts who enable you to substantially improve mission-critical business initiatives, whether it is to enter a new market or to invest in an enterprise asset management platform or to launch a new product or business service line.

We act very collaboratively with your HR contacts and other stakeholders and customize our reporting and interaction methods to make the entire recruitment process hassle free for our clients. Our Dubai recruiter teams are known for their high level of professionalism and customer-centric recruitment approaches. Timely closure of vacant positions and superior talent acquisitions are guaranteed when you partner with out recruitment consultants and headhunters.

If you are looking for the best recruitment firms in Dubai, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Dubai.

Why Choose Our Recruitment Firm in Dubai

  • We enable you to find the best employees within the pay rate you offer and choose.
  • We are dedicated to bringing you ethical and honest recruitment solutions according to your needs.
  • We work with our clients as a well-integrated team, promoting teamwork and faster solutions.
  • We value customer satisfaction hugely.
  • We maintain a clear and constant line of communication with our clients.
  • Finding a perfect fit is hard but our proven methods have met the employers demand for over ten years.