What are the Types of RPO Models in Recruitment? Which is Right for You?

What Are The Types Of RPO Models In Recruitment


Are you searching “What is RPO model in recruitment?” Outsourcing recruitment processes to a capable recruitment company is recruitment process outsourcing.

The recruitment process outsourcing business model is getting popular worldwide. Thousands of companies choose outsourcing recruitment processes every year.

RPO or recruitment process outsourcing allows the company to tap into a larger talent pool. The RPO model in recruitment a company chooses decides the kind of benefits it wants by leveraging RPO.

Whatever RPO model recruitment you choose to hire manpower for a particular department should be first and foremost assessed from a holistic perspective. You need to have a clear understanding of each RPO model in recruitment before choosing one. This blog will offer you the required insights.

What are Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Models?

There are different types of recruitment process outsourcing business models. The most common RPO models are mentioned here.

1. Project-based RPO

In this recruitment process outsourcing business model, An RPO agency is hired to manage the entire recruitment process for a specific project or initiative. This is often used when an organization doesn’t have the internal resources to handle a significant recruitment effort. When you choose this RPO model recruitment, you can quickly and efficiently fill hard-to-fill positions or large-scale hiring needs.

2. Selective RPO

In this model, an RPO provider specializes in one or more areas of the recruitment process, such as candidate sourcing or assessment. This type of recruitment process outsourcing business model can supplement an organization’s internal recruiting team or fill gaps in specific areas of the recruitment process.

3. Full-Service RPO Model

This is the most comprehensive RPO model and usually includes all aspects of the recruiting process, from sourcing and screening candidates to managing offers and onboarding. This model is best suited for organizations that don’t have an existing recruiting infrastructure or are looking for a complete outsourcing solution.

4. Managed Service Provider (MSP) Model

This model combines full-service and project-based RPO elements, giving organizations the flexibility to outsource as much or as little of the recruiting process as they wish. The MSP RPO service provider sees its role as providing a full suite of recruiting services, including screening and interviewing candidates, sourcing leads, generating qualification reports (KRs), and forwarding applications to hiring managers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment Processes

Using an RPO model in recruitment can provide companies with several benefits, including the following.

1. Increased Flexibility:

An RPO model can allow companies to be more flexible in their staffing needs. This can be helpful when companies are experiencing fluctuations in their business or when they need to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

2. Tremendous Cost Savings:

An RPO model can help companies save money on staffing costs. Companies can avoid the costs associated with building and maintaining internal resources and infrastructure to manage recruitment.

3. Improved Quality of Hires:

RPO helps companies improve the quality of hire and build great teams. By working with an experienced RPO provider, companies can access a larger pool of potential candidates and receive assistance with screening and selecting the best candidates for their needs.

4. Access to Specialized Expertise:

An RPO model can give companies access to technical knowledge they may not have in-house. This can be particularly helpful for companies that need assistance with complex recruiting challenges or that want to tap into new markets.

Which RPO Models Are Suitable For You?

You must have got a better understanding of “what is RPO model in recruitment?” and how outsourcing manpower consultancy to expert recruiters help a company. You must now be wondering what recruitment process outsourcing business model to use for your company.

Project-based RPO is best for organizations with one-off needs for RPO services. This could be due to a reorganization, downsizing, or merger. The project might involve hiring for 30 positions or hiring 100+ people for temp or ongoing projects. In this model, the RPO provider works with the organization to understand its specific manpower needs and then develops a plan to address them.

Hybrid or selective RPO is best for organizations that need ongoing RPO support. In this model, certain functions of the recruitment activities are sourced to an RPO company that assigns recruiters based on the quality and quantity of work involved.

Managed services RPO is best for organizations that want to outsource the management of end-to-end recruitment functions to an RPO provider. In this model, the RPO provider takes on responsibility for all aspects of the recruitment function, including sourcing candidates, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and extending job offers. The RPO provider will typically have a team of experts skilled in all aspects of recruitment and can provide a high level of service consistent with your organization’s recruitment goals.


Outsourcing recruitment to capable, competent, resourceful RPO agencies helps companies dramatically increase the productivity, efficiency, and quality of their talent acquisition – temp, virtual, permanent, or contractual. Using the right RPO model in recruitment can help companies achieve various goals like process improvements, digital transformation of operations, improved IT management, etc. Consult with a top RPO company to realize the full potential of RPO for your organization.

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