What’s the Average Cost Per Hire for Doctors in the UAE?

An Average Cost To Hire a Doctor In UAE

The healthcare sector in the United Arab Emirates is very impressive, due to which medical tourism is at its peak in the UAE. This is the reason behind the rising demand for doctor recruitment agencies, which help hospitals and clinics in the UAE find doctors from different global locations. If you are looking to improve your doctor staffing outcomes, here’s a blog about costs and staffing options.

The healthcare sector in the UAE has advanced dramatically in recent years, making working as a doctor in the UAE even more appealing. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for finding doctors from outside the UAE.

Not only is there a growing demand for healthcare experts, but the UAE has a high retention rate in the industry. To entice international medical professionals and urge them to remain longer, the UAE has its ten-year golden visa scheme.

Before starting a doctor recruitment initiative, find out everything you need to know about hiring costs from insights shared by top doctor recruiters serving the UAE medical sector.

Doctor Staffing Cost Estimations

1) Salary And Benefits

Doctors are paid on a monthly basis and get a salary. The salary varies according to the following factors: the hospital, the physician’s credentials, the area of specialty, the years of experience, and any other talents the physician may have that are relevant to the role. Most physicians earn between $10,000 and $20,000 per month in take-home pay.

Doctors who work in specialized and rare subspecialties get higher salaries. The most essential component in deciding remuneration is one’s level of experience, expertise, certifications, and reputation. Doctor recruiters suggest that salary and benefits should be framed in the most competitive manner based on the locations from which hire Dubai doctors recruitment.

2) Insurance Coverage

In the UAE, insurance coverage is provided to the doctors by the hospitals they are working in. It is necessary in Abu Dhabi for companies and hospitals to offer health insurance for doctors and their dependents. One spouse and up to three minor children are considered dependents. It is the employee’s obligation to provide health insurance for a fourth kid.

Doctor Recruitment Agencies in Dubai suggest that a detailed compensation package should be planned in advance when the doctor staffing calculations are done. This helps fix a budget.

3) Search and Screening Costs

Doctors, particularly family doctors, leave their practices for a variety of reasons, including a difficult work environment, a desire for more pay, location-based concerns, or an uncomfortable work schedule. And if a doctor departs, a replacement must be brought in right away.

To keep costs low, it is vital to hire the appropriate individuals from the start and offer competitive remuneration. The cost of the interview, the vetting and screening, the flights, and the hotel should be kept in mind while hiring a doctor in the UAE.

Retaining your present employees is another approach to keep your costs under control. Make an attractive environment in which doctors and patients will feel at ease.

4) Relocation and Accommodation Support

Consider the expenses of replacement, construction recruitment agencies in Dubai, and training when employing a new physician. These costs will vary depending on the area and specialty, but the entire cost of replacing one specialized, reputed doctor is estimated to cross $20,000-$40,000, which may include recruitment fees, travel fees for interviews, incentives, and moving costs for relocation purposes.

In the UAE, depending on the hospital, a foreign employee may be eligible for a relocation payment to help with the costs of extra luggage. This will be paid at initial hiring and will be calculated according to the employee’s origin and contract status.

5) Other Incentives

While hiring a doctor in the UAE, apart from the salary and benefits provided, other types of incentives should also be kept in mind. Doctor recruiters indicate that other incentives could include giving bonuses before contract revision, special incentives based on performance during emergencies and epidemics, etc. Maintaining a suitable workspace for the hired doctors is also very necessary to create a nice working environment. All these add up to the costs.

Salary and Compensation Paid to Different Types of Medical Practitioners

The salary of doctors in the United Arab Emirates depends upon the job titles as well as the experience they have in the medical field. Doctor recruiters report that salary ranges differ from one Emirate to another and from one type of hospital to another.

1) General Physicians

In the United Arab Emirates, a General Physician normally earns roughly 44,100 AED per month. Salaries vary from 23,800 AED to 66,600 AED, the highest. The payment includes housing, transportation, and other perks. General Physicians’ pay varies greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region, as per reports from experienced doctor recruiters.

2) Specialists (Non-Surgeons)

Specialist doctors(Non-Surgeons) are the ones who have specialized in one particular field of medicine like radiology and pathology. In the United Arab Emirates, the salary of specialist doctors varies according to their specialized fields. The salary ranges between 40,000 AED to 60,000 AED per month.

3) Specialist (Surgeons)

A specialist doctor who performs surgery in the United Arab Emirates, normally 60,800 AED per month. A specialist who has less than two years of experience may expect to earn around 34,200 AED per month. Someone with five years of experience may expect to earn 48,400 AED per month, which is 42 percent more than the specialist with less than two years of experience.

4) Assistant Doctors

In the United Arab Emirates, the average salary for an assistant doctor, also known as Physician Assistant, is AED 328,778 per year and AED 158 per hour. Most assistant doctors have a bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience.

5) Interns and Trainees

The starting salary for the interns and trainees in the United Arab Emirates is around AED 22,000 per month but Recruitment Agencies In Dubai report that a general figure cannot be estimated for the positions of interns. Interns in Health Authority Abu Dhabi hospitals are paid higher. Interns are also compensated by the Dubai Health Authority.

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