Hiring a CXO in the UAE? Here Is How To Go About It!

Hiring a CXO In The UAE

With an increasing demand to cater to international as well as local clients, companies in the UAE engage themselves in CXO hiring. They can help in improving customer experience and retention. Find out all about hiring a CXO for your company in the UAE.

Every company aims for customer retention and the acquisition of new ones. There is an increasing demand for the enhancement of customer experience (CX), with customers sharing opinions and reviews about their experiences and issues with different brands. The increasing demand for Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is, hence, not surprising.

To have a person solely responsible for looking into such a crucial matter can never be wrong. C-level personnel like the CXO collaborate with the other significant members of the company, and all the operations are carried out accordingly to make the customers’ experience a good one.

Companies in the UAE look to CXO Executive search who can cater to the needs of clients from all over the world.

Chief Experience Officer – How Can A CXO Help You

A CXO helps your UAE-based company in a variety of ways, as the companies situated there need to serve clients at both local and international levels. The following are the ways in which a Chief Experience Officer can help you.

1) Align Local Service Management With Local Customer Needs

For clients that are primarily from within the same city as your company or in the same region, it is advised that local service management should be curated in such a way that it is easier for them to transact with your company. The added convenience gives them more reasons to choose your company.

CXO Hiring will help you in personalizing customer experiences for customers from different geographical locations, helping you build local communities of brand ambassadors.

2) Identify CX Improvement Areas For International Customers

What makes companies in the UAE different from other nations is the significant amount of international clients they have. The nation being a multicultural one, people all the work seek services from the companies based there.

A CXO improves the areas which are directly client-facing to provide an efficient service that matches global standards. This ultimately leads to better work efficiency for your company.

3) Invest in Technologies That Increase Customer Experience and Retention

It is the CXO who drives the company into investing in technologies that help in enriching the customer experience. Gone are the days when companies used non-digital marketing approaches to retain customers.

The CXO has the knowledge of using modern technology to analyze customer behavior in response to the service received by them. Chatbots, virtual reality tools, cloud computing, and many more such technologies may be engaged. The CXO identifies what kinds of investments could bring better results and what is not needed.

4) Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Index

It is the work of a CXO to read in between the lines in order to understand the expectations of the customer. If only the customers’ expectation is met, then customer satisfaction will be high.

The CXO’s work is to therefore increase customer satisfaction by connecting with the agents of the company and setting the goals of the company in relation to customer satisfaction. In a competitive market, it is the loyal customers who turn their contacts into customers of your company through referrals and word of mouth. Tracking and improving the customer loyalty index is another metric associated with CXO roles.

5) Supervise Employee Training and Learning for Improving CX

The CXO supervises the training of the employees to add values that result in offering a better customer experience. The orientation and training should, therefore, not only be looked over by the HR department but also the CXO and his/her team. Regular CX enhancing workshops should be organized to understand if the employees are on track with dealing with the customer.

How To Find The Ideal CXO

To find the ideal CXO for your company, follow the tips for CXO hiring.

1) Use People Analytics To Define What Traits, Abilities, Experience, Will Best Suit Your Company

People analytics is the gathering and application of manpower data to improve business outcomes. People analytics experts enable the concerned company to develop data-driven insights to make informed talent decisions and promote a positive employee experience.

Therefore, using people analytics is an insightful method of finding the CXO that your company needs. The traits, abilities, experience, mindset of the CXO candidates can be well understood.

The process of shortlisting and interviews become easier on the basis of the information gathered with the help of people analytics. The candidates may be the best in their field but may not suit the goals of your company. So, this step should not be skipped.

2) Conduct Market Mapping And Internal Talent Mapping To Identify Candidates Within / Outside The Company

Market mapping is the observation and studying of the market, especially in the same industry that your company belongs to. It paves the way in knowing the trends of the market around you.

Usually, an efficient recruitment agency helps your company in market mapping. Help can also be taken from consultants or freelance analysts who undertake market research to conclude patterns and know-how a CXO can be hired.

The market mapping may also be carried out within your company to know if there exists a potential candidate to take over as a CXO executive search. That is known as internal talent mapping.

3) Shortlist Ideal Profiles on Sites Such As LinkedIn

Platforms such as LinkedIn and other forums must be checked by the company for coming across potential CXO candidates. Presently, there are numerous candidates who are active on such platforms and keep updating their profiles and sharing content related to their professional interests.

Moreover, it is less time-consuming and needs almost no expenditure to find candidates in this manner. Certifications, volunteering experiences, and licenses about the candidates can be well understood from these platforms.

4) Hire a CXO Headhunter

Hiring a CXO headhunter for a CXO executive search is the best way to ensure a successful hiring decision. CXO hiring requires superlative C-level recruiting skills, vast talent networks, and optimized recruitment approach, and hiring process management.

Hire CXO Headhunters And Enhance CXO Hiring Outcomes

Experienced CXO headhunters can help you connect with the best talent based on your business scenarios and unique requirements. They have more connections in their network and a wider database than conventional recruiting services.

With the help of CXO executive search experts, the hiring time is significantly reduced. You can also achieve a lot of recruitment cost savings by cutting down on all unproductive recruitment activities.

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring CXO executive search experts.

1) Superior CXO Talent Access:

Headhunters have the knowledge to find superior quality CXO manpower. Whether one wants to have a CXO from overseas or from within the UAE, headhunters have access to premium CXOs as per your company’s requirements. Alliance Recruitment Agency offers headhunters Dubai for you to have the most efficient CXO for development.

2) Fast CXO Candidate Screening and Shortlisting:

Conventional recruitment services are time taking. Therefore, headhunting services are the best to get superior quality CXO in comparatively less time.

Even when the CXO of your company is unavailable, then temporary hiring can be managed with the help of headhunters. The headhunters have their own policies about candidate screening and shortlisting. Hence the company does not have to spend thousands of man-hours in search and resume screening

3) Ability To Attract The Best Candidates To Consider Your Offer:

Headhunters have the unique ability to attract the best CXO and other C-level personnel. With the best reach and marketing procedures, headhunters are able to convince the candidate with the help of a proper job description as to why working with your company leads to their professional growth. This further leads to less wastage of time.

4) Ability To Improve CXO Recruitment Process and Efficiency:

The process of recruitment of a CXO has to be done in a streamlined and optimized manner to have the best CXO.

To make the process efficient, the right resources are needed, which are available from experienced headhunters. This is because they have worked for years with thousands of highly qualified top-talent candidates in your industry.

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