How to Easily Hire a Driver in Dubai?

Hire a driver in Dubai

Dubai is a central economic hub as it caters to several countries across the globe. Moreover, real estate development in Dubai has led to substantial growth in tourism over the years. Dubai has various transportation facilities, such as mass rapid transit, water taxis, personal transport, etc.

However, these public transport systems take up more time, could be inefficient and might lead to additional stress and delays for working professionals. Such professionals could benefit significantly from hiring a driver in Dubai despite the extensive public transportation system. They can avoid wasting valuable time during their commute and make their time spent traveling an extension of the workday and productivity.

They can use this time to answer emails, plan for important meetings, or rest and reach their destination afresh. They will also get to travel in air-conditioned comfort without dealing with the traffic in Dubai. Therefore, even though Dubai has an excellent public transportation and taxi service system, it is definitely not enough if you are working and must travel almost daily. A better solution would be to hire a personal driver in Dubai .

Types of Driver Services in Dubai

Driver hiring in Dubai is not an easy task, which is why we have compiled a list of different types of driver services that you can choose from:

Chauffeur Services: Chauffeur services are suited for people visiting Dubai for a short period or holidays only. Chauffeurs are professional and trained drivers with detailed knowledge of significant places in the city. They maintain and drive cars, expensive limousines, and vans for private households, tourists, and business people.

Taxis: Classic taxis form a major part of the public transportation system in any corner of the world. They are readily available around the road; you can even share the taxi with other passengers. However, the prices can be a little high in the long run.

Ride-Sharing Applications: Several applications and startups now offer cab rental and driver hiring services in Dubai through an app. You can book a cab from the comfort of your home or while you’re in the office. There are individual and shared ride options; you can choose the most economical one that fits your budget.

Driver Rentals: This is one of the options many corporate companies use for their employees. They have many options regarding routes, charges and bulk discounts, making driver hiring in Dubai easier. These rental services can also be used by individual travelers who do not want to undergo the hassle of using a taxi or maneuvering through an application. From the type of vehicle to the driver, they have multiple budget-friendly options for every customer.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Driver in Dubai

Let us understand how hiring a personal driver in Dubai is an excellent investment:

Time-saving: Hiring a personal driver in Dubai helps you save time when finding a commute every day. Additionally, it is a time management tactic as it allows you to be more productive while traveling. You could easily check your emails or catch up on calls without worrying about reaching your destination on time.

Ease of Navigation: In a city such as Dubai, with complicated road networks and traffic due to the surge of executives who commute daily, hiring a driver in Dubai who can take you to your workplace every day is a relief.

Comfortable Travelling: In the hot temperature of Dubai, air conditioning in the vehicles offers you comfortable travel options. Driver hiring in Dubai also provides additional benefits, such as a range of vehicles, such as sedans or SUVs.

Flexibility: Driver hiring in Dubai offers you a lot of options to choose from, right from the kind of vehicle, such as a Sedan or SUV, to the driver to the duration of the trip. Alternatively, if you have your car, you could also opt for a trained driver, which might reduce your hiring costs.

Local Guide: These drivers are locally trained and thus have a deep knowledge of the history, localities and architecture. This saves you time checking the itinerary and money for a tour guide.

Steps to Hire a Driver in Dubai

You can follow the steps below to hire a driver in Dubai quickly and without any hassle:

Step 1: Analyze your needs and Requirements

If you plan to hire a personal driver in Dubai, the first step is that you should know your requirements. This includes the kind of vehicle you are looking for and the duration of the service. For instance, is it a tourist service or a daily commute service?

Step 2: Research for different Driver Services

The next step when you go for driver hiring in Dubai is to look at the various companies that offer these services. Look for the booking, payment, cancellation policies, driver assurance, and reviews.

Step 3: Negotiation Process

Once you have your list of companies that made it past the review process, you could negotiate with them, depending on your requirements and budget, to hire a personal driver in Dubai.

Step 4: Final Confirmation

Once all your criteria are met and due diligence is done, you can confirm your selected driver. Ensure you check the contract details and the payment options and review the policy before agreeing to and finalizing the service. Make sure to request details such as license number, driver's contact information and identity proof for safety and verification purposes.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Driver in Dubai

The following are some questions that can make it more efficient for you to hire a driver in Dubai.

  • How many years of experience do you have in driving in and around Dubai?
  • Do you have a standard or a commercial driving license?
  • What’s your method of calculating fare? Is it hourly, monthly, rental or distance-based?
  • Do you have any discounts or offers for recurring bookings or long-term contracts?
  • Do you have a facility for accommodating older adults with disabilities or child safety seats?
  • What insurance coverage do you have in case of accidents?
  • In case I cancel my booking, what is the refund policy? Is it non-refundable, or is it refundable for a certain period?

Safety Considerations Before Hiring a Personal Driver in Dubai

License and Verification: The driver should have a valid driving license and no criminal record. This means no accidents, suspensions, traffic violations in the past or anything that will make the car insurance company place you in a high-risk bracket. Large companies will process these checks for you and if you are hiring non-professionals, do not forget to request receipts.

Experience and Track Record: Ensure you hire a personal driver in Dubai with adequate experience handling cars. Newcomers need to understand traffic density during rush hours, the highway system, and the laws governing traffic in the region.

Driving Skills and Communication: A critical skill for driver hiring in Dubai is to ensure that the driver drives safely and pays attention to traffic rules. Be sure to ask them how they practice defensive driving on the road. Additionally, choose a service with an easily manageable driver who understands your language. This is especially important if you have specific places to visit or other special needs.

Vehicle Maintenance and Service: When you plan to hire drivers in Dubai, ensure to discuss the vehicle’s servicing. If an independent car rental agent is employed, it is important to ensure that the car is in good working condition in terms of mechanics and has a spare tire and safety kit. These checks will ensure that you take adequate safety measures while hiring drivers in Dubai .

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Hiring a driver in Dubai is a good option if you work or commute daily. It saves time you could spend productively and offers comfort and ease of reaching your destination. Taxis, rental apps, and driver services like Alliance International, which is a Global Manpower Agency in Dubai, offer convenient options to make your journeys productive and hassle-free.


Q 1. Is it possible to hire a personal driver in Dubai?


Yes, you can easily hire drivers in Dubai from agencies like Alliance International . Our guide above also mentions the steps and safety regulations to keep in mind while hiring.

Q 2. How can I hire a safe driver in Dubai?


To hire a safe driver, you must check the vehicle's licensing and maintenance. Also, ensure that the driver has no criminal record and their license is verified.

Q 3. What is the cost of hiring a driver in Dubai?


The cost of hiring a driver in Dubai varies based on your requirements. However, the average cost to hire a personal driver in Dubai ranges between 3000 AED to 5000 AED per month.

Q 4. How much does a chauffeur service cost in Dubai?

Ans.This completely depends on the type, service and car you choose; however, the average cost is between 75 AED and 500 AED per hour.