What Your Hospital Needs to Look For When Hiring Doctors in the UAE?

What Hospital Look When Hiring Doctors In The UAE

This blog talks about the aspects of the procedure of hiring doctors, the challenges faced, and how to go about selecting the right professional for the position. It provides a detailed process that helps you enhance your recruitment outcomes. The blog also mentions the red flags in doctor recruitment. Find tips and suggestions from the headhunters of a reputed hospital recruitment agency. You will also discover how a hospital staffing agency can be used to reduce doctor recruitment time and risks.

As believed by all, it is true that doctors are the ones who help save lives, come as a savior in the time of need. Since doctors play such a critical role and hold up the reputation of the hospital where they work, it becomes extremely important to hire someone who is capable, reliable, and highly skilled.

The UAE allows doctors from international locations to work in their country. Hospitals in the UAE have huge doctor talent requirements, and thousands of positions across the Emirates are open for hiring doctors from outside the country. But how to find doctors with the right qualifications, specialized experience, hospital experience to fill talent gaps in time – this is the question that worries most hospital hiring managers.

Find out how doctor recruiters manage talent sourcing and gain insights into making doctor recruitment efficient, secure, and timely.

First Things To Check When Hiring Doctors in The UAE From International Locations

The academic qualification, licenses, permits, and other matters that allow anyone to work as a doctor in a hospital differ from one country to another. It would be difficult for ceo hiring in the UAE to keep track of eligibility requirements across different countries. Partnering with a hospital staffing agency helps immensely.

If you are, however, planning to manage through in-house doctor recruiters, here are some steps they can include in their recruitment process.

1. License – Home Country

As a doctor recruiter, when going ahead with international candidates, the very first step is to ensure the reliability of the applicant. Find out what kind of license is needed in the applicant’s home country or from where he studied to practice as a doctor. Then check the authenticity of the license furnished by the applicant.

Find out if there is a means to trace it to the institution from which he or she obtained the license. The regulatory body in their country must offer ways to check the authenticity of the license.

2. Complete Medical Academic Records

Moving on, the next step is to check the academic medical records. As the decisions and actions taken by doctors affect lives, not checking the medical records in minute detail could prove to be a huge mistake.

The doctors you hire will represent the hospital and its credibility, reliability, goodwill, and reputation. Going through the academic medical records lets doctor recruiters find out matters like if there were huge unexplainable gaps in the education, what was the performance in certain subjects, or were there any extraordinary achievements, etc.

3. Detailed Medical Career Records

Further, medical career records help you in understanding what kind of experience the candidate has and to what extent they know about the practical applications and routine of working at a hospital. Sometimes doctors without experience in working in a hospital for 3-5 years could find hospital work-life too stressful. Understanding experience and motivations are essential.

4. Background and Reference Checks

In international recruitment, or even in general for any job or position, the very basic need is the background and reference check of the person, so as to know if the person is reliable and a good fit for the position. Getting the background checked and having references ensures better credibility of the person whom you might appoint for the position.

5. Medical Records

Lastly, getting the medical records checked is a necessity. If the positions for which you are hiring doctors require robust health and good physical strength, you would need to check the whole medical history of the applicants.

Red Flags When Screening Doctor Applicants

Selecting from a huge pool of databases, the very first step can be elimination, so your precious time is not wasted on the candidates who are direct reject cases, or not suitable for the positions.

1. Unexplained Gaps in Work History

The random gaps in the work history are a big red flag which could be an indicator of unprofessionalism or issues. Always look for the reasons that might have resulted in the gap and if the reasons are provable. Doctors normally do not take sabbatical leave for many months in the initial stages of their career, nor at the peak of their career.

2. Professional References That Cannot Be Validated

The references provided by the candidates which you are unable to track or validate are the real red flags. Talking about international manpower, it is a straight-up no to the candidate, when even the validation process of the references seems shady, you know it is not the right fit for what you’re looking for, and neither is it worth taking the risk for, just move on.

3. Frequent Job Switches To Locations Far From Each Other

Next red flag is frequent job switching. The lack of consistency is a big red flag. It shows a lack of consistency, professionalism, and credibility of the person. If the job switching is far from the last place they were working at, it clearly is a big sign of something not good and loads of shady possibilities. You never know a person might be involved in nefarious activities on a personal level and switching jobs to distant locations for unknown reasons.

4. Incomplete Financial and Personal Records

Lack of completion of records is a straightforward sign of rejection of the application. When a person’s personal records themselves are compromised, what else is even left to look for. The existence and the credibility of the person are compromised here. Also, if the financial records lack credibility and validity, they imply fraud – yet another sign to reject an application in one go.

5. Lack of Exit Records Related to Previous Employment

When a person lacks the records of exit from the previous employment, it can imply a lot of red flags, beginning with unprofessionalism. You never know if they resigned or were fired due to some reason.

Compromising the trust of a chef employment agencies might even imply cases of fraud and lack of communication and understanding between the employer and the employee, hence making the current employer question the credibility of the application with very high chances of rejection.

Look For Specific Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities Most Relevant For Your Hospital or Clinic

After screening the red flags of the candidates, you need to look for the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities that might fit your hospital or clinic. Only then would you get the right fit for the position you’re looking for.

1. Assess If The Candidates Have Strong Knowledge Of Required Medical Fields

The very first step is to check the medical education background, and if the candidate has the required or desired specialization which would fit right into the position, you can also take a small interview to test the knowledge of the person.

2. Do Not Fail To Assess Diagnosing Methods

Always make sure to check the candidate’s diagnosing methods as it alone tells a lot about their knowledge of the topic and their practical application abilities. It also helps test their experience and understanding of the subject and the procedure.

3. Assess The Aptitude And Performance Of Candidates Through One-Day Virtual or Physical Visits

Next, you can go ahead with one on one or group tests, which can either be online or personal, to understand the candidates more and check their aptitude and performance in the same.

4. Conduct Behavioral Traits Assessments

The most important thing about a person is their behavior – it literally is the deciding factor, the tie-breaker a lot of time. You would always prefer working with the ones who are understanding, kind, open to new opportunities, rather than someone who is just arrogant of their practices and does not believe in learning at all. A doctor is preferred if they are a people’s person, as then even the patients feel good and prefer the hospital or the clinic more.

5. Check Medical Opinions On Prevailing Best Practices

You can always have an interview or group discussion among the candidates to know their opinions regarding different topics in the medical field. You can filter and further shortlist people as per their opinion, which would depict the understanding of the candidate in regards to the field and their capabilities of staying up to date with the current prevailing world, which is necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

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